_5G Cell Phone Service from SpaceX Get Ready for Liftoff!

5G Cell Phone Service from SpaceX? Get Ready for Liftoff!

You may have heard of SpaceX and T-Mobile, but did you know that they’re working together to bring 5G cell phone service to your phone in 2019? That’s right — soon you’ll be able to take amazing high-quality photos and stream video with almost no lag time! How will this work?

Net Neutrality Protects Our Online Privacy

5G Cell Phone Service from SpaceX – Ever since Elon Musk announced his intentions to set up a network of low-Earth orbiting satellites that provide 5G Cell Phone Service, the future of 5G Cell Phone Service has seemed uncertain. The company is well on its way to reaching the first milestone (144 satellites launched) but the future is still unclear.

Due to Net Neutrality laws, SpaceX may not be able to provide faster speeds or cheaper rates because they can’t throttle down data speeds when needed. Net Neutrality prevents internet providers from favoring one website over another and also prohibits them from throttling your speeds if you exceed your monthly limit.

Privacy is Now a Security Issue

T-Mobile and SpaceX recently announced plans to bring 5G Cell Phone Service using a network of satellites. According to the press release, their goal is to connect people from coast to coast by launching small satellites that will provide critical broadband connectivity from hundreds of miles up. This is an exciting prospect in many ways.

For example, satellite internet can offer fast speeds and lots of bandwidth even in areas where cable or DSL service might not be available. However, privacy is always a concern when dealing with 5G Cell Phone Service. Just think about all the personal data and passwords you transmit over your phone – with little protection from hackers.

The Public Internet Is Under Attack

5G Cell Phone Service from SpaceX may seem like a far-fetched idea, but with the current state of affairs concerning the internet, it could be just what we need to secure our information.

5G Cell Phone Service aims to provide some relief in an uncertain time by using satellites in space. Satellite communications have an inherent advantage over fiber optic cable and fiber radio technologies as they are immune to land-based disasters. 5G technology is finally becoming a reality.

It will help improve the 5G Cell Phone Service we enjoy on our cell phones and connect much faster with orbiting satellites that are much closer than traditional ground stations which can create service interruptions due to natural disasters or hardware failures. The rise of 5G Cell Phone Service means that more people than ever before have internet access.

Stronger Encryption = Better Security

Telecom companies are investing in the latest 5G technology to bring better connectivity, speed, and stability. With more users connecting from more devices (smartphones, laptops, and more), providers need to do all they can to support these needs. That’s why SpaceX and T-Mobile are teaming up with a new satellite 5G Cell Phone Service that could provide unlimited access to a strong cell signal. The launch is slated for next year, and there will be a pilot program early in 2020 as well.

New Rules Limit Law Enforcement Access to Personal Data

Liftoff is right around the corner, and thanks to SpaceX’s planned deployment of satellites it’ll be coming with 5G Cell Phone Service. To clear up any potential misconceptions or confusion about this new satellite-based cell phone service: You won’t have a dish antenna on your house, you’ll use your regular cell phone handset. It’s the phone itself that connects to SpaceX’s network of satellites in space rather than your carrier network. More details are here.

It’s Our Digital Independence at Stake

We’ve always enjoyed connecting to the global network, and sharing thoughts and ideas with others in new and exciting ways. What many of us might not know is that every day we are being tracked online. Every post, tweet, and e-mail sent; data about your home address and so much more. This is called the dawn of big data or Big Brother Big Data by some. To date, 5G cell phone service from SpaceX remains a long way away from becoming available to those outside its space station engineers, but it won’t be a moment too soon when this happens.

Constitutional Rights are in Jeopardy

The arrival of 5G cell phone service from SpaceX means that Americans will have to give up a constitutionally-protected right, which may violate their privacy and open the door to discriminatory practices.

Congress Is Listening, But We Can Help

This month, in a congressional hearing titled Net Neutrality & the Effect on Competition, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk mentioned how we may be able to use the company’s proposed satellite 5G network as an alternative to current cell phone service. Essentially, instead of waiting for cell towers to go up across the country and build their proprietary networks–

which could take years and billions of dollars–SpaceX is suggesting that they could deploy constellations of small satellites that would provide much faster internet coverage while existing technologies continue working. This idea makes sense because by utilizing low-earth orbit satellites, broadband Internet could be accessed anywhere in the world; these connections would also be very high-speed due to the short distance between satellites and ground stations.

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