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6 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away: How To Recognize Them In Yourself and Change Them

In my field of business Push People Away, I receive hundreds of messages each month and communicate with other professionals in more transparent and open ways than before. I’ve witnessed a tonne of poisonous habits that turn people away via this experience (including me). And I’ve seen the harm that these actions can do to people’s relationships, their ability to succeed professionally, and their own and others’ general well-being Push People Away.

Let’s face it, we have all engaged in harmful behavior at some point in our lives (none of us are immune to it), but for many people who are more enlightened, well-adjusted, and conscious, this occurs much less frequently Push People Away.

You must be able to spot when you’re acting badly and change it as soon as it shows up if you want to be happy and successful, regardless of how frequently you engage in toxic behavior Push People Away.

Taking everything personally

Don Miguel Ruiz discusses the significance of not taking anything personally in his insightful little book The Four Agreements. I teach this in my coaching programs and my book Breakdown, and Breakthrough as well, and there is so much pushback. Don’t take things personally, Kathy Push People Away.

When someone feels that everything that occurs in life is a personal attack on them or somehow revolves around them, they are poisonous to be around. In actuality, what people say and do to you says much more about them than it does about you. People’s responses to you depend on their lenses, viewpoints, wounds, and experiences Push People Away.

Again, it depends on them whether they think you’re the best person ever or the worst. I’m not advocating that we act narcissistically and disregard criticism. I’m arguing that taking things personally when it would be much more beneficial and healthy to let go of other people’s opinions of you would cause a great deal of sorrow, disappointment, and sadness in our life Push People Away.

Worrying excessively about bad ideas

It’s really difficult to be around people who are stuck in their negativity; those who constantly think and talk about the bad things that could or have happened, the slights they’ve experienced, and the injustice of life. Some folks adamantly refuse to see the bright side of life and the constructive lessons that can be learned from what is happening Push People Away.

Being pessimistic is one thing; becoming stuck in only negative ideas is quite another. Just perceiving the negative, and working from a mindset that everything is negative and against you, is a warped way of thinking and life, and you can change that by Push People Away.

Taking care of yourself as a victim

Constantly whining only serves to strengthen your sense of victimization and is another poisonous practice. It is toxic and keeps you trapped and small to think that you are a victim, have no control over your life, and have no impact over its course Push People Away.

We have access to much more power, authority, and influence over our lives than we originally thought, as I have seen in my prior work as a marital and family therapist with people who have endured horrible pain in their lives yet found the strength to turn it all around. You’ll discover that you are not a victim of fate, chance, or discrimination when you stop whining and refuse to consider yourself as one Push People Away.

Lack of empathy or failing to put yourself in others’ situations is cruelty.

Cruelty is one of the most harmful and destructive behaviors that result from a complete lack of empathy, care, or compassion for others. We witness people treating others inhumanely harshly and destructively daily in the media and online. They defame people online, but they do so cowardly and with the help of their anonymity. Cruelty, scheming, and tearing someone to pieces are toxic, and they harm both you and your victim Push People Away.

A few years ago, I had a significant learning experience related to this. With a foul attitude, I once entered the house and said something unpleasant to my husband about the way a neighbor was raising her child during one of his problematic times Push People Away.

The exact problem the parent was dealing with manifested itself in my home and with my child in less than 24 hours. It seemed as though the Universe was saying, “Well, if you want to be rude and vicious about someone, we’ll give you the same experience you’ve evaluated so harshly, so you may learn some compassion.” I did, too Push People Away.

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