A Facebook Bug Causes Major Spamming Issues for Celebrities

A Facebook Bug Causes Major Spamming Issues for Celebrities

In the early morning Facebook Bug hours on April 12, 2017, a bug in Facebook’s servers caused the profiles of celebrities and other popular pages to begin spamming hundreds of thousands of users with the same comment over and over again in their newsfeeds. This was discovered shortly after the bug was first introduced, but it wasn’t until 10 pm that night that Facebook announced they were able to fix the issue and things would return to normal. The bug was located in how Facebook handles its famous Like button, and it took just four lines of code to create this massive problem.

What happened?

A Facebook bug left celebrities accidentally spamming everyone on Facebook Bug with replies to recent comments and shares. This morning, the social media company found a few bugs which had left their profiles open to spamming by other users.

The errors caused the person commenting to have their comment duplicated and repeated when they replied or commented on something they weren’t already following. Some of these posts even went out as notifications in Messenger feeds across platforms like messages and Android device notifications, causing mass confusion and annoyance for most people affected by it.

Facebook Bug assures that they are working quickly to correct the issue before it becomes worse, but celebrity accounts still feel like they’re being invaded.

Why did it happen?

Facebook’s developers introduced a bug to the site that caused user interactions on public posts made by celebrities or business accounts to be spammy and cross-posted to a user’s timeline. Facebook is currently working to address the issue and hopes they can resolve it soon.

The bug has been in existence since September 25th and was only fixed once a BBC reporter informed Facebook Bug about it. Although it is unclear how many users have been affected, some celebrities have reported that their accounts were spamming every one of their followers with copy-pasted comments from others.

The social media giant even had to restrict certain interactions to prevent issues with spam accounts or users interacting on posts made by celebrities or businesses.

What did it mean?

A Facebook bug caused spamming issues for some celebrities’ posts. The issue happened between 3:30 pm EST and 4:00 pm EST, and the bug spewed comments to random Facebook users. When word of the issue spread, people made more comments on celebrity posts – which helped cause the same issue for other celebrities.

Social media experts say this is not uncommon for websites to have bugs. If you see an unusually large number of comments from one account or on a post that looks as if it’s been liked by thousands of people when you can only imagine a few hundred seeing it, then something might be going wrong with that site’s software.

Why was this important?

A Facebook bug caused a major spamming issue for celebrities this week when many of them noticed that their posts were being used to spam their fans. The issue was fixed quickly, but for hours it turned into an embarrassing situation for the well-known figures who are active on social media.

In most cases, such a spam attack would be deemed harmless, but in some cases, it can cause major issues for celebrities. It’s one thing if your friends see posts from you with offers to buy exclusive sneakers that you didn’t sign up for, but it’s another thing entirely when your grandmother sees these messages and is taken in by their claims.

Just imagine trying to explain why an online store you never heard of had your name all over its website! The unfortunate reality is that we all click on strange links and even give out our information when we feel pressured into doing so.

How can I protect myself in the future?

Users are advised to avoid any Facebook Bug commenting because they might be spammed by Facebook Bug. Security experts recommend using a separate browser for social media that has no browsing history to limit the risk of virus or malware infections.

Make sure you install anti-virus and anti-malware software on your machine, as well as up-to-date security patches. Read more about protecting yourself from malware here.

What happened next?

A Facebook bug caused major spamming issues for celebrities last night when it automatically Facebook Bug published a comment, or copied and pasted a comment, to all the other pages they’ve liked.

News organizations picked up on the issue first with The Huffington Post finding that a response to Robert Scoble was being sent out to every other page they followed.

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