How I Became Addicted to Watching Desk Setup Videos on YouTube

How I Became Addicted to Watching Desk Setup Videos on YouTube

For the past few months, I’ve found myself spending more and more time watching YouTube Desk Setup Videos about setting up people’s desktops and computer work areas. It all started when I was searching for new monitor stands, and came across one of the most popular desk setup channels on the site — jonnyguru. Since then, my addictions have grown to the point where I’m spending 5+ hours per week watching these videos. Thankfully, they’re also helping me with my computer setups!

What is a desk setup video?

Desk setup videos feature a desktop and the things on it. The presenter then goes through everything, explaining how they use it and what each item is.

The first desk setup video I watched was done by Jamie Greenbaum. In the video, he talks about why he likes pen and paper over digital note-taking apps. It was one of the best videos on YouTube because it wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also gave actionable information to viewers.

Every week, there are at least 5 new desk setup videos that get posted on YouTube. As a result, many of these channels have close to a million subscribers, which means a lot more business for Google’s AdSense program since those channels are making a lot of money off their ads.

What do these people gain from making these videos?

The main reason why people start to watch these videos is that they are intrigued and like to get ideas. Other people might see that they’re doing things in a certain way, so they want to find out what their secret is. And some people just like the creativity in the desk setup videos, where no two setups are the same.

I’ve always been interested in how other people do things, so when I saw some of these videos for the first time, it was intriguing and made me want to watch more. Now whenever I get bored on YouTube (which happens often), these are usually the first thing that pops up.

The Evolution of My Desk Setup Obsession

When I saw a few of my favorite YouTubers doing this on their channels, it got me curious. So the next time I was on YouTube, I typed desk setup into the search bar, and low and behold, there were thousands of results to choose from.

When you are watching these videos, they make such an odd appeal to people as they show off their cluttered workspaces full of junk food wrappers.

In reality, having your desk setup be messy and unorganized is extremely common for entrepreneurs because we often don’t have enough time to sit down to organize it in any meaningful way due to the immense amounts of work and responsibilities that come with owning your own business.

Why Are These Videos so Popular?

It can be calming and soothing to watch people arrange things in their home workspace, providing a glimpse into their lifestyle. Sometimes the video creator talks about the items on their desk or the reasons why they set up the space in a particular way. It’s not always just about neatness or efficiency-

it can represent a creative preference for beauty and aesthetics. Desk Setup Videos are not only popular on YouTube; you might see them shared on social media as well.

Many blogs catalog different desks and post what items are sitting on them to inspire people who want to set up their workspace themselves but don’t know where to start. They have become so popular because everyone wants to create some peace of mind in an increasingly chaotic world.

Part 2 – The Commonalities Amongst All the YouTube Desk Setup Videos Creators

If you enjoy reading about YouTube Desk Setup Videos creators and want to know more about what goes on in the lives of some of your favorite YouTubers, then this is the blog post for you! The commonalities among all desk setup video creators are they all have an entertaining or funny story.

For example, in one of my favorite videos, the creator played with Legos on his desk while he talked about the different types of pens he used in his line of work. The time these people put into their videos shows dedication and creativity.

So What Now?

I’m not going to lie: desk setup videos are addicting. Whether they’re a beautiful piece of furniture or just making something organized for the first time, watching someone start from scratch can be pretty inspiring. But being glued to my computer screen has left me with plenty of so what now? moments, so I thought I’d take the time to share how other people have leveraged their newfound interest in desk setup videos and come out on top.

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