AMD Sticks to Its Guns on Pricing for New Ryzen 7000 Series

AMD Sticks to Its Guns on Pricing for New Ryzen 7000 Series

Good news, consumers!  AMD Sticks has confirmed that it won’t be changing its strategy on pricing the new AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors when they release later this month. Even though the Intel i9-9900K costs $50 more, AMD Sticks’ new flagship processor will still cost less than the $499 Intel processor. The company says that it still wants to make high-end PC gaming and content creation possible for mainstream users, not just those with bigger budgets and that’s why it’s sticking to its guns on pricing for now at least.

Intel under pressure

Intel is under pressure, AMD Sticks won’t change launch pricing, with the company’s new Zen CPUs giving Intel a run for its money. With seven days until the release of its upcoming Ryzen 7 processors, AMD has decided not to change the planned pricing of the new chips, while Intel looks set to push up prices.

The 16-core processor is expected to start at $549 at first, and then rise with upgrades. This might be in response to reports that Intel is under pressure from gamers who are considering changing allegiance over lower prices.

AMD Sticks To Its Guns On Price – AMD Sticks Won’t Change Launch Pricing For Ryzen 7000 Series  Â

Good news for consumers?

AMD Sticks has traditionally always priced the latest release lower than the previous models, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with its new line of Ryzen chips. A recent leak seems to show that AMD is sticking to its guns and will not change launch pricing for the new series of products.

AMD Sticks has often tended towards a more competitive price point to boost sales, but this time it looks like AMD will charge top dollar from the get-go. The move may be made due in part to pressure from competitors Intel, who have already announced an increased speed on their upcoming 9th generation CPUs slated for 2020, which are set at $4000 and up.

The truth about Intel’s high prices

AMD Sticks won’t change launch pricing for Ryzen 7000 series, according to a new leak. I guess it takes Intel’s high prices to keep a loyal customer base. When Intel first started its monopoly, it raised its prices by 60% while also making smaller chips than what it had previously sold (by roughly 40%).

Plus, AMD Sticks has never been able to match the price that Intel offers because of being at a disadvantage with the production process and not being able to have all their needs met by just one company like Intel can. AMD is working hard on improving itself and our patience will pay off with better quality products and more affordable prices.

Is this a good time to build a PC?

An AMD-based system would be best as AMD won’t change launch pricing, according to a new leak. Though AMD’s release of the new chipset is just a few days away, rumors have been circulating that suggested the company was considering making changes in its pricing strategy.

Well, according to an anonymous source that told Wccftech that AMD has decided not to make any changes to pricing when the chip releases in 2 days. The company can afford this because its hardware is so much better than Intel’s, which seems like they are struggling with these new architectures.

Is it worth waiting?

AMD won’t change launch pricing for the new AMD Sticks Ryzen 7000 series, according to a recent leak. So if you were holding out waiting for an official launch, it doesn’t seem like waiting is going to pay off. One of the reasons AMD doesn’t want to change their prices is that they don’t want people wait-and-buy the new series,

instead of waiting and getting the older models which are currently still affordable. The company also feels like there’s not a huge disparity between their current prices and what the final prices might be in terms of $/performance, so why should they make a change?

Isn’t AMD competitive enough already?

AMD has been making great strides in terms of competitive pricing and the performance of its newest chips. With the release of AMD Sticks’ new Ryzen 7, they are looking to continue that trend and also establish themselves as a powerhouse within the laptop world as well. What I don’t understand is why AMD won’t change launch pricing despite their obvious benefit over Intel. Do they think customers won’t take notice or is there some other business strategy going on here?

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