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Andy Chef .Ru : Red Velvet – This is a Cake You Will Be Making 2023

Andy Chef .Ru : Red Velvet – this is a cake you will be making often. Just don’t tell me you haven’t heard about Red Velvet (it’s more appropriate to call it Red Velvet).

A note for the hostess – there are many theories about its origin. Some believe that its recipe appeared in the Southern part of the US, others are confident that the cake recipe originated in the Northern part. But it is known for sure that this cake has become a favorite dessert of Americans and Canadians over the last few decades.

The bright red color of the baked goods contributed to the fact that the Red Velvet cake began to be called Devil’s Food. John Mariani in his book “Dictionary of American Food and Drinks” suggests that the cake began to be called Devil’s Food thanks to its amazing taste, which some moralists may consider sinful.

Now let me explain why this is an ultra-popular dessert. Look at its appearance: bright red sponge layers and white cream. The classic cake is covered with cream on the outside completely, but I wanted to evoke more expression and passion, so I made it “naked”. It is incredibly bright and striking, moreover, I do not know any other cake that is even a little bit similar.

It has very porous and moist sponges, they literally melt in your mouth, but the trick is not even in this. The whole trick is in the small amount of cocoa that is added to the dough, but is disguised by the red color. That is, biting off a piece, you expect anything, but not a chocolate aftertaste. This is a cake that deceives perception and surprises again and again. I’m not exaggerating, with every piece I was surprised anew “Oh, it is actually chocolate”, because it doesn’t look like it on the outside.

Add to this the cream, which most of my subscribers are in love with, and you get a cake that you will want to make again, again, again…

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red velvet

Ideal things, perhaps, are ideal in everything. The dough is so simple that there are no criteria when to add which ingredients. I did not even turn on the mixer until I put the final ingredient. Isn’t that great?

In a bowl, mix flour (340 g), sugar (300 g), alkalinized cocoa (5 g), 1/4 tsp. of salt, baking soda (3 g), and baking powder (5 g).

baking powder

Next, add three eggs, odorless vegetable oil (300 g). It’s best to take Zlato sunflower oil, from my experience, you won’t feel it at all later. And these 300 grams will get lost in the dough.

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Zlato sunflower oil

At the end, you need to add buttermilk (280 g). I replaced it with low-fat 10% cream (150 g) and 20% sour cream (130 g), you can just take a fatter kefir. And red food coloring. The highest quality and most effective is CakeColor Red Red.

Cake Color

For this amount of dough, I used about 1.5-2 tsp of gel dye. Don’t skimp here, the dough should be nuclear red in color. Mix everything well with a mixer.

nuclear red color

The dough will be quite liquid, don’t be scared, it should be. Leave it for 10-20 minutes, the thing is that baking soda needs some time to react with the dairy ingredient.

Grease the mold with butter, and lay parchment on the bottom. And pour the necessary amount of dough. I made three 16 cm sponges. Or it will be two 18 cm ones. To be complete professionals – first weigh the empty bowl, and then the bowl with the finished dough. By mathematical calculations, you will understand how much dough to pour into the mold for each sponge.

sponge bob

Bake at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes. Watch carefully. I started checking with a toothpick on the 15th minute. As soon as it came out dry, I took out the mold. Give the sponge 2 minutes to cool in the mold on the rack, and then carefully remove the sponge onto the rack.

Cool the mold (I just rinse it with cold water), grease it again with butter, parchment on the bottom and go ahead. When the sponges have cooled, wrap each one in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After two hours, take out the sponges and carefully cut off the top – most likely it will rise slightly in the center.

Look how porous the sponge turns out. And how delicious it is. Then you can smear the sponges with cream and assemble the cake. I’ll show you how I did it.

For the cake to be beautiful naked, you need to cut the ends (they brown in the oven and become more brown than red). You can simply cut off a thin layer with a knife, but I cut it out with a metal ring – the only way to get all the sponges of the same shape and size.

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cake to be beautiful naked

Repeat the same with the other sponges. I repeat, if you are going to cover it with cream on the outside – do not cut the sides, no one will appreciate this anyway.

For the cream, I used a cream one, you are well familiar with it. It will be successful to put roses on top – this is a kind of red brutality and white tenderness.

If you followed my path, prepare deep ramekins or wide glasses. Tear the sponge trimmings into small 2-3 cm pieces with your hands, lay a layer of such pieces, cream on top and so on to the very top. This is a great way to utilize all the trimmings (not only in this recipe). At the same time, the taste will be the same, but there will be two desserts.

best desserts in world

I am very interested in your opinion. Was the light chocolate taste surprising, were the sponges interesting and in general, impressions. You can read about how to bake sponges, assemble a cake and work with cream here.

FAQs about Red Velvet Cake

1. What is Red Velvet Cake?

Red Velvet Cake is a popular dessert known for its bright red sponge layers and creamy white frosting. It has a unique flavor profile with a hint of chocolate, and its vibrant appearance makes it visually appealing.

2. Where did Red Velvet Cake originate?

The exact origin of Red Velvet Cake is a topic of debate. Some believe it originated in the Southern part of the United States, while others argue it came from the Northern region. Regardless of its origin, Red Velvet Cake has gained popularity in both the US and Canada over the past few decades.

3. Why is Red Velvet Cake sometimes called Devil’s Food?

The name “Devil’s Food” is sometimes associated with Red Velvet Cake due to its bright red color and delicious taste. It’s believed that the cake acquired this name because its flavor was so indulgent and tempting that it could be considered sinful by some moralists.

4. What makes Red Velvet Cake unique?

Red Velvet Cake stands out for its moist and fluffy texture, thanks in part to the addition of a small amount of cocoa powder in the batter. Despite its red color, the cake doesn’t taste strongly of chocolate. This element of surprise adds to the cake’s appeal and makes it distinct from other desserts.

5. How can I make Red Velvet Cake?

To make Red Velvet Cake, you’ll need flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, vegetable oil, buttermilk (or a substitute like low-fat cream or sour cream), and red food coloring. Mix the dry ingredients, then add the wet ingredients and food coloring. Bake the batter in greased and parchment-lined cake pans, and let the layers cool before assembling and frosting the cake.

6. Where can I find the recommended ingredients and equipment?

You can find the recommended ingredients, confectionery equipment, and technology at Andy Chef’s online store, The store aims to be a convenient option for cooking enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products, worldwide shipping, multiple payment methods, and a physical store in Moscow.

7. Do I need a mixer to make Red Velvet Cake?

No, a mixer is not necessary to make the Red Velvet Cake batter. According to Andy Chef, the dough is simple to prepare, and there are no specific criteria for adding ingredients. The mixing can be done by hand or using a mixer, but it’s not required until the final ingredient is added.

8. How should I handle the cake layers during assembly?

After baking and cooling the cake layers, it’s recommended to trim the tops to ensure even layers. If you’re planning to have a “naked” cake without frosting on the sides, you can skip trimming the sides. Use a knife or a metal ring to cut off any excess and achieve uniform shapes. This step is optional if you intend to cover the cake with frosting.

9. What kind of cream should I use for Red Velvet Cake?

Andy Chef suggests using a cream-based frosting for the Red Velvet Cake. It’s assumed that readers are familiar with the specific cream mentioned in the blog post. The cream can be used to frost the cake or create decorative elements like roses on top.

10. What can I do with the leftover cake trimmings?

Andy Chef recommends using the leftover cake trimmings by repurposing them into another dessert. One idea is to layer the small cake pieces in ramekins or glasses with additional cream, creating a different dessert using the same flavors. This allows for minimizing waste while enjoying a variation of the Red Velvet Cake.

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