Can You Beat the New York Times Crossword with Wordle?

Can You Beat the New York Times Crossword with Wordle?

Wordle, the world’s most popular word-based puzzle game, has been featured in the New York Times Crossword app since June 2013. Now, players of the newspaper-owned mobile game have access to Wordle’s unique twist on puzzling: can you beat the NYT crossword with Wordle? (puzzle pictured above)

How does it work?

It turns out that Wordle is actually the most like traditional word puzzles. Once you’ve created a Wordle, you have to use the keyboard to input letters, replacing any tiles that come up with one of the same letters.

There are two ways to find more words: either hit Show more words or take a wild guess! To make a real dent in the New York Times Crossword, you’ll need to rely on both methods for some time.

When it comes to word puzzles, there are a number of different types you can try. In addition to crosswords and word searches, which are probably more familiar than any other type of puzzle,

there are three more that can help sharpen your vocabulary in ways that regular word games can’t. Acrostics require you to fill in letters vertically or horizontally, while double words —

sometimes called anagrams — focus on connecting two or more words by rearranging their letters. Finally, clue puzzles like Wordle give you a bunch of clues and ask you to find as many answers as possible. Each type offers its own set of challenges so even if you’re stuck on one puzzle type, mixing it up is a great way to keep your mind active.

Give it a try!

Wordle was the latest entry in the New York Times Crossword app, created with the world’s most popular word-game makers – Zynga. To make Wordle happen, Zynga teamed up with 5th Cell Media to produce a game that is every bit as addictive as its crossword counterpart. (Check out what it looks like in  Figure 1)

Tap your way to an obsession worthy of bragging rights by playing this incredible new game! As you can see from Figure 2, Wordle offers a totally fresh twist on word puzzles that are perfect for gamers who want New York Times their brains to stay sharp. Simply tap different tiles to fill in boxes of letters until the entire board is clear and you’ll be set for victory!

When you get tired of going head-to-head against your New York Times friends or other members of your family, challenge yourself to see how quickly you can solve each puzzle. Or just race against time in order to top your previous score!

This game truly is brain food for serious gamers and casual players alike, so don’t be surprised New York Times if you’re finding yourself checking in more than usual on Words With Friends. It’s all part of playing Wordle.

A note from our CEO

We’re excited to announce that the Wordle app has been selected as a new Crossword partner for the New York Times app! For those unfamiliar with Wordle, we’re an image generator that takes any word or phrase and creates an easy-to-read visual representation of it.

This is great for generating puzzles and brain teasers with words. And now you can also use Wordle to create crossword New York Times puzzles too! To take advantage of this new update, download the New York Times Crossword app, go to Puzzles section, click the Wordle tab, and start creating your own!

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to design puzzles as well as solve existing ones. Make your own crosswords by choosing a theme, selecting which language you want to use (English is one of our 15 options),

and typing in any words that need to be included. You can even change how big your puzzle will be and get it either New York Times vertical or horizontal. When your puzzle is finished, hit save, then use share to send it off to friends or post it on social media for others to solve! Have fun solving and creating!

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