How to change your Instagram username in 60 seconds or less

How to change your Instagram username in 60 seconds or less

Have you ever wondered how to change your Instagram username? As an active Instagram username, I’ve already changed my username twice – and it’s the easiest thing to do! In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps you can take to change your Instagram username in 60 seconds or less, from start to finish. And if you have any friends who have asked about how to change their Instagram username, please share this article with them!

Change your Instagram user name on an iPhone

  • Open the Instagram app and tap your username.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ on the top right-hand corner of your screen, followed by ‘Profile‘.
  • Tap on your username and you’ll be given the option to change it to a new one! Simple as that!

Changing it on Android is a little different, but still very easy.

Change your username on Android

Open the Instagram username on your Android phone. Tap your profile photo to open your profile.

Tap the three dots at the top right corner of your screen, and then tap Rename Account.

Enter your new username and password, re-enter your new username and password to confirm them, enter a display name for yourself that people will see if they click on Follow without seeing you on their feed first (optional), and tap Save Changes.

A window will pop up asking you to agree to the terms of service by tapping Agree & Continue – make sure you read them!

Scroll down and tap Submit.

Account recovery if you forget it

If you forget your username, Instagram username provides account recovery to help recover your account. Simply enter your email address and phone number on the login page. An activation code will be sent to your email address and the only other thing you need is the first 6 digits of your cell phone number which will act as a security question.

You’ll then need to log in and change your username, which you can do by clicking Account Settings at the top right of the page, selecting Change username at the bottom left of the page, filling out your new desired username and a password (which must contain 8 characters) in the fields provided and confirming with an email sent to that same address you provided before.

If you don’t want to use account recovery, you can simply request a new username by entering an email address and password that isn’t linked to your current account. If no account is associated with those details, a new one will be created for you and you’ll have immediate access. To log into it, open your Instagram username on your mobile device, select Profile from the bottom right of the screen, and enter your password on the next page.

If you forget your password, contact Instagram username via its support page and enter an email address linked to your account along with any phone number associated with it.

It will send a code through that channel and you can change your password as normal by clicking Account Settings at the top right of the screen, selecting Change Password, and entering new details. If no email address is listed, go back and link one from the Email on the same page.

Changing back from a private account to a public account

To change your Instagram username from private to public, you’ll need to contact customer service. Be prepared for the wait, because it can take up to 48 hours for them to process your request. You will also need to update your bio and tagline (if applicable) again, but this time with your new username.

To begin, you’ll need to navigate through your settings and go into Profile. From there, click on Username under Account Information. On that page, you’ll see a box labeled Change Username. Once you’re there, select it and hit Update Info. On that same page, you should see a list of steps explaining what to do next.

Click on one that reads Choose whether or not you want to change tags for photos and videos already posted with an old username, which will bring up another section called Update Tags. Afterward, follow those instructions accordingly and then continue until you have filled out all the necessary information! Once complete, simply hit Save Changes at the bottom of each page. Your account name will now be updated across all public accounts!

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