DC Film Franchise Finally Gets New Leader

DC Film Franchise Finally Gets New Leader

Looks like Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC film franchise might have finally found its new leader, which will be great news to fans who have had to deal with the absence of Superman in the past two films. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that actor Zachary Levi has been cast as Superman in the upcoming Shazam! the film, slated to be released in April 2019 and directed by David F.

The studio said

This time around, there will be some big changes to the direction of DC Films under Walter Hamada, who is bringing a more bottom-up strategy with less emphasis on the projects currently in development. One new franchise project that might get fast-tracked under this new direction is Metropolis, which has been long in the pipeline with director Zack Snyder and writer David Goyer attached.

There are also rumblings of Warner Bros. wanting to do a Dirty Dozen type of movie based around The Suicide Squad characters; something in the vein of Marvel Studios’ Avengers.

Below are three ways that a lower-down approach can make for better films for both the studio and audiences

The studio said in a statement

Today, Warner Bros. announced that James Wan would be the new leader of its DC film franchise, which has suffered serious losses following the death of Zack Snyder. Wan is slated to lead on upcoming films The Flash, Aquaman, and other projects in development.

Variety reported on Wednesday,

Producers gave up trying to convince Ben Affleck to return, who’s currently busy shooting the big-budget-project The Batman with only a few months left.

They seem to be looking for someone with a different approach who can be free from directing commitments. Sources said names including George Clooney, David Fincher, and Quentin DC film franchise  Tarantino have been bandied about, but Warner Bros is being very secretive about potential candidates.

Variety reported that sources say

Variety has confirmed that Warner Bros. plans to place Matt Reeves at the helm of the DC Films franchise after his involvement in their newly announced, non-Ben Affleck Batman film. The report follows weeks of rumors following a shakeup in the top ranks at WB this summer, including a couple of failed attempts to recruit industry greats like Quentin  DC film franchise Tarantino for the post.

Previous discussions about Reeves were swiftly rejected by him, with studio sources citing his desire to have more creative control as an obstacle.

While The Hollywood Reporter noted

The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the news on November 18th of this year, revealed that following two years in which Warner Bros. DC Comics film franchise floundered (much to their detriment) the DCEU has finally appointed  DC film franchise Walter Hamada as their new president of creative development and production, responsible for shepherding DC’s comic book heroes onto the big screen from the various corners of Hollywood.

That could mean for all of the characters played by Cavill

The wait is finally over and the newest leader of the DC film franchise has been revealed to be a little-known actor, Jason Momoa.

And other candidates could take on Superman, according to THR’s sources…

DC Films’ new leader will be announced before the end of the week, according to THR’s sources. The film studio reportedly has six potential candidates and is currently narrowing down who would be the best fit.

This comes after DC Films head Geoff Johns stepped down from his position. The DC film franchise company wants someone with a deep understanding of comics and an appreciation for films, but with a different filmmaking experience than Geoff Johns.

– Reeves and Miller have met about the role (probably to make sure he’s OK with it)

DC is a first-rate company that’s home to popular franchises and iconic characters. To stay on top of the game, DC needs a creative leader to guide the franchise. With his latest film ‘War for the Planet of The Apes’ about to be released, Matt Reeves is a DC film franchise rumored to be close to becoming DC’s new leader in films. Let’s take a look at what this could mean for the future of superhero movies and how it will affect everything else under Warner Bros.

Now if only Ben Affleck would step down from his role as Batman…

Henry Cavill stepped down from the role of Superman and now Ben Affleck is rumored to be stepping away from Batman. It has not been confirmed yet but if this turns out to be true then it’s about time for Warner Bros. to find a new leader for the DC film franchise. Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017) weren’t exactly what was expected so it’s about time for Warner Bros.

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