Dell XPS 8 review: is this laptop too hot to handle?

Dell XPS 8 review: is this laptop too hot to handle?

When shopping  Dell XPS 8 reviews around for the perfect laptop, most consumers look for one with a 15-inch screen, at least 256 GB of storage space, and enough memory to comfortably run applications and multi-task without issue. If you’re looking at Dell’s XPS 15, you can check all of those boxes and then some, but there’s one major problem. It gets incredibly hot when working on processor-intensive tasks, which makes it difficult to use in most situations. This review will explore some of these issues as well as what it’s like to have this laptop as part of your everyday life…

1) Appearance

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The Dell XPS 15 is a sleek, powerful, and slimline laptop with plenty of storage, plus Nvidia 1050 Graphics. It’s not cheap, but it is the best ultra-high-definition laptop on the market at this price point. One thing to be aware of is that this laptop runs hot; so hot in fact that my fingers were starting to feel uncomfortable after just ten minutes of use.

The lower you set the brightness and/or switch from intensive programs such as video games and Photoshop, the less likely you will notice any heat issues, though. If you can deal with the heat for short periods or are a skilled enough computer user to keep your hands off the chassis then I highly recommend considering this laptop for your next purchase!

2) Features

The newest laptop to be released is there’ll XPS 8 review, which has a higher price tag than any of their previous laptops. And in terms of performance, it’s not any better than the much cheaper Dell XPS 8 review, which is less prone to overheating. I’m disappointed and so is my Dell XPS 8 review!

3) Performance

The Dell XPS 8 review is a laptop that I would only recommend to people who want an overall good laptop with a few quirks. If you don’t mind being uncomfortable, this is the computer for you. It has great specs, but it runs on a battery too hot to handle and stays uncomfortably warm when plugged into the wall. The Dell XPS 8 needs better airflow and a nicer feel to match its price tag.

4) Durability

The Dell XPS 8 review has had some mixed reviews, with people praising its powerful hardware, but criticizing the heat that comes with it. It can get so hot that it needs to be cooled by an external fan and will cause your legs to burn if it is on a bed while you are sitting there. And yes, we checked the placement of this laptop on numerous surfaces and found these results in every test:

even when we placed it as far away from anything else as possible or put a fan next to it for airflow, this laptop still gets uncomfortably hot to handle after 30 minutes or so of use. If you happen to work from home, be sure you are doing this somewhere well-ventilated like out on your porch!

5) Heat Management

We have a love/hate relationship with the Dell XPS 8 review. Our wrists loved resting on it, and we’re big fans of the upgraded speakers and dual-fan system for heat management. However, we found it to be slightly thicker and heavier than some other high-end laptops, and during intense gaming sessions, the laptop got so hot that after about thirty minutes you could fry eggs on top of it.

6) Battery life

Despite being a great performer, there’ll XPS 8 review is too hot to handle and didn’t come with a cooling pad so you’ll want to make sure it’s on some surface that will provide airflow like on your lap or a table. It runs hot because of its powerful internals which helps it offer all-day battery life but more airflow would be much appreciated.

For now, though, we suggest keeping your fingers crossed that they release an update that will increase the ventilation system because this laptop could have been one of the best laptops in 2018 if not for this problem.

7) Verdict

After using the Dell XPS 8 review extensively for 3 weeks, we determined that it is too hot to handle. On top of the excessive heat, our review unit also froze intermittently and had unresponsive touchscreen moments. In contrast, a lot of customers in Amazon reviews reported that the laptop had no issues with overheating or freezing. We think this may have been due to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process and so we would advise those on the fence to stay away from this model until Dell can fix these issues.

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