The much-anticipated sequel to Destiny has finally arrived on the Epic Games Store-  

The much-anticipated sequel to Destiny has finally arrived on the Epic Games Store- 

The last time we saw our favorite Guardians was three years ago when Destiny 2 was released back in 2017. Now, the much-anticipated sequel to Destiny has finally arrived on the Epic Games Store, and to celebrate, they’re giving away a free 30th Anniversary pack! To unlock this pack, all you have to do is link your Epic Games account to your Bungie account by September 16th and log into Destiny 2 before October 1st! I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in the free pack… well, let me tell you!

Epic Games Store

Destiny 2 is now available to play on PC through the Epic Games Store. It marks a change in how Bungie is handling things after 10 years of partnering with Valve’s Steam platform. To commemorate the shift, players who purchase the game through the store will get access to an exclusive 30th Anniversary Pack featuring three shaders and an exotic

sparrow vehicle in addition to other digital items. Bungie explains that this promotion is just one of many coming from  Epic Games Store them as they begin their partnership with EPIC.

FREE 30th Anniversary Destiny Pack!

Destiny 2 has officially come to the Epic Games Store (and you know what that means)! Plus, just in time for release, there’s now a FREE in-game 30th Anniversary pack waiting for you. You can get it by downloading Destiny 2 through the Epic Games store before September 17. However, be sure to move quickly as this offer ends at 10 AM PST on September 17

In addition to new story missions featuring old characters returning in new roles, there are three multiplayer game modes. These include Breakthrough (think Overtime from PvP but for PvE), Countdown (defend an objective while calling down devastating weapons or fighting off hordes of enemies), and Survival (sounds like it’s similar to Horde Mode).

For those who want more info on the new classes that come with Destiny 2: Flegendariesorsaken… Continue reading below ;)!

If you missed out on trying out Destiny 2 earlier in 2018, fret not as Epic Games Store  there’s still plenty of time to jump in before September 18. Until then, there’s also a NEW Starter Pack waiting for you in The Tower with items such as fresh armor sets, class-specific weapons, and shaders.


To get your free bundle, you’ll need to be an active member of their community. If you have that covered, head over here to redeem it. Remember: no purchase is necessary

That’s right: if you own an Epic Games account (which is their version of Steam), have played their shooter Fortnite at least once, and are still rocking its Starter Pack or higher, you’ve got yourself a nice little package waiting for you in your account. It includes everything from cosmetic items like an emote and ship variant to unique armor sets.

You’ll be able to redeem it across multiple platforms too; so if you’ve got both PS4 and PC copies of Destiny 2 available, why not grab one on each? It’s totally up to you!


Players who buy the game will receive an exclusive in-game item called ‘Gjallarhorn: 30th Anniversary Edition. That’s not all though. The game also comes with both post-launch expansions, Forsaken and The Taken King.

Following that is an epic armor set for each class. Included are items such as a legendary sword named ‘Gunnora’s Axe’ or an awesome Legendary bow named ‘Rainbow Sniper.’ It doesn’t stop there though. This bundle comes with three different ships and vehicles, all of which have been customized by Shaxx himself, plus two special legendary emotes –

all of which can be used in Crucible. Players who preorder it get exclusive access to all of these items before anybody else, plus 20% off for both expansions (That’s $30 off for Forsaken and $20 off The Taken King). To top it all off, anyone who preorders it gets full access to new updates even if they don’t purchase them until later down the line.

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