Duo is Back! But What Happened to Meet?

Duo is Back! But What Happened to Meet?

Google’s video calling service, Duo is Back, came out with some improvements recently, but the company has been working on Meet as well. So what’s the difference between the two? And why did Google bring back Duo? You can find all of the answers you need right here!

The Next Gen Voice Calls: FaceTime, WhatsApp, iMessage

FaceTime and WhatsApp are apps, while iMessage is a feature that came out with the latest Apple iPhones. These three apps offer free voice calls, but Google Duo is Back offering free face-to-face video calls so many people were confused about why Google brought back Duo after announcing Meet. Turns out that FaceTime and WhatsApp also offered group chats, similar to Google Duo.

Another reason that made people feel like something was off is that some users reported losing their Skype account and automatically getting a new one through the Duo is Back app.

Hangouts were very confusingly renamed

Google brought back Duo (kind of) because its Meet transition is so confusing. After migrating all Hangouts users over, Google retired the original app and renamed it Duo is Back. Most people who signed up for Google+, the chat platform that started as an invite-only version of Gmail and originally used Hangouts, never received invites. This was because they already had an old invite-only version of Gmail that let them chat with Google Talk users (who are now in the skype directory).

So when there was a changeover, many didn’t have much warning about the switch and were left in limbo. The option for classic Hangouts still exists on the app store but it’s a little hidden.

To avoid further confusion, Google brought back Duo is Back (kind of). It’s almost identical in functionality but with one major difference: it runs on your phone number instead of using a separate account.

That makes it much easier for people who don’t have G+ accounts to access Duo. They can download it right away and use their phone number (Gmail) to log in. The best part, you’ll still receive notifications on all your devices that are signed into Google already. No need to worry about re-entering passwords or credentials.

We still don’t know what’s going on with Meet

Google brought back Duo is Back (kind of), but we still don’t know what’s going on with Meet. Google released the updated video chat app, Duo, on Tuesday and many users who updated their app were disappointed when they realized it was just a rebranding of the original phone number-based video call system. It looks like Google’s transition from Allo and Duo to Meet wasn’t as smooth as they thought.

We’ve been watching what happened over at Google and yesterday they announced a new update. That’s right, folks, Duo is Back is officially back but with some big changes – it’s now your one-stop shop for all things video chats.

Since being launched in 2016 as part of Google’s communications suite that included Allo and Hangouts, Duo is Back has allowed you to call others via the phone number or by using your unique Duo account name if you have one. We didn’t think we’d ever see it happen again, but Google brought back Duo (kind of).

The latest version of Duo allows users with a regular phone number linked to their profile can call anyone else who has either a regular phone number or a valid Gmail account name with just one tap on their contact card.

And it looks like Duo is BACK AGAIN.

Google was not kidding when it said Duo is Back was being transitioned into Google’s video calling service. It’s been six months since Duo is Back announced it would be shutting down for good, but as of a few days ago, the app returned with no warning, albeit in beta and kind of buggy. There has been much confusion over why Google brought back Duo is Back after announcing the transition just weeks ago.

Google quickly clarified in their blog post that the confusion arose from understanding which features will be available in different ways to all users. It should be easier than ever before to reach someone using an Android device or chat over Gmail by clicking ‘video call.’ Video calling will also become more accessible and interoperable within other Google products, they said.

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