First Person: The Indonesian power ranger

First Person: The Indonesian power ranger

Ega, who goes by her nickname Indonesian, was one of 15 women chosen to take part in the Perempuan Inspiratif Mitra Polhut (Inspiring Women to Partner with Forest Rangers) initiative, which is supported by the UN Development Programme and aims to protect the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park and offer opportunities to nearby communities.

“I have always had a deep love for the environment and conservation. I was raised in a village encircled by forests. My two grandfathers pushed me to learn about the forest and plant trees by imparting their local knowledge. They explained to me the strength of nature and how the language of nature is the oldest language on Earth, therefore we must pay attention to it.

It has a somewhat mysterious quality. For instance, if you observe a lot of ants emerging from the ground, it may soon rain, according to legends.

The message from my grandfathers is that we should respect and value the power and language of the natural world.

“My life has altered.”

I’ve been involved in the environmental movement since high school, and I majored in international relations at the university to keep my mind open to what’s going on in the rest of the globe. I’ve always wanted to graduate and go back to my hometown.

When I joined the project in November 2020—the first of its kind in Indonesia—my life was forever altered.

We received fundamental police training as well as instruction in effective communication, negotiation, and business practices.

In addition, we learned how to better collaborate with the national park authorities and the local villagers to eke out alternative sustainable lifestyles.

I grew more interested in the work after learning what rangers do. I am now really proud to serve the community.

The local rangers contribute to the preservation of threatened species. The park is home to more than 100 different bird species, as well as animals and reptiles.

We collaborate with forest rangers in national parks to fight criminality, the black market for plants and animals, and the illegal wildlife trade.

I put in at least 10 days a month, but the truth is that it takes more time to spend in terms of obtaining a commitment or “buy-in” from the community due to the nature of the task. Making relationships is a component of it Indonesian.

“Conservation woman”

Knowing that our work can improve someone’s life makes me feel really satisfied. Just like when we help community organizations obtain certifications so they may access sustainable markets for their goods. I believe there is a lot more I can do for the environment, as well as for myself and my community to advance opportunities in Indonesian.

I am inspired to promote conservation and interact with my neighborhood more. I have the desire to converse with others. It’s amazing how in my community today people refer to me not just as Ega but also as “the conservation woman,” or the person you should get in touch with if you notice any ominous illicit wildlife trading activity. I’m proud of myself for it Indonesian.

Inspiration across generations

I feel valuable when I educate the younger generation about animals. The most significant and significant aspect of my profession is raising awareness of animal protection and its value in Indonesia.

When we discuss a tree, we often discuss the roots in addition to the leaves in Indonesian.

They will take knowledge of wildlife and conservation into the future if they are well-prepared from a young age Indonesian.

“Silence won’t make a difference”

Our planet is getting older and more crowded. While screaming out probably won’t help, being silent also won’t make a difference. Women have the power to speak up more and improve the planet Indonesian.

Be courageous is my main piece of advice for young women. Don’t be afraid to begin your conservation effort. You must motivate yourself to start moving since the initial step is crucial. It’s not as terrifying as you imagine.

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