How to Get Your Hands on a PlayStation 5 Before They're All Gone

How to Get Your Hands on a PlayStation 5 Before They’re All Gone

The PlayStation 5 has finally been announced, so you might be wondering how to buy one before they sell out. Here’s the bad news: The PlayStation 5 is only available through preorder right now, which means it won’t ship until September 2020 at the earliest, and that’s assuming you’re one of the first people in line to purchase your console. There are plenty of things you can do to get one before all of them are gone, though. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on a PS5 by September 2020!

What will happen with PlayStation 5 (PS5)?

Ever since the PlayStation 5 (PS5) was announced, people have been wondering when they’ll be able to get their hands on one. A lot of people are worried that Sony will sell out of them before they can buy one, and while it is possible that this could happen, there’s still hope for those who want one.

There are some places where you can buy a PlayStation 5 (PS5) today. You can find them online at sites like Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy. If you don’t want to pay full price for your console, you might be able to find an open box or refurbished version at GameStop or Newegg. You could also check other retailers like Target and Staples to see if they have any in stock.

What to know about the price of PlayStation 5 (PS5)

With the PlayStation 5 (PS5) release date set for 2020, the game console is still available for purchase in limited quantities. The PlayStation 5 price is $399.99 and it comes with one controller, HDMI cable, power cord, and USB cable.

You can also purchase the PlayStation 5 bundled with one of three games: Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, or God of War. This bundle costs $499.99; so if you choose this option be sure to factor in the cost of an additional controller ($65). And finally, if you want both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spider-Man then your total will be $565.98 (including tax).

The Best Way To Buy A New PlayStation 5 Today

If you want to buy a new PlayStation 5, your best bet is to order it online and have it shipped. There are a few retailers that are still selling the console, but it’s unclear how much longer they’ll be available. Plus, there’s always the chance that any retailer may run out of stock or restock their stores with other consoles like the Xbox One S instead. So if you want one, order now!

Who Are Sony’s Competitors?

Sony’s competitors include: Microsoft, who will release the Xbox One in November; Nintendo with their new console, the Switch, that launched in March 2017; and Apple, who is rumored to be releasing a gaming console.

Sony has several competitors in the gaming market but will soon be surpassed by its biggest competitor, Microsoft. The Microsoft Xbox One was released on November 7, 2013, and has been highly successful due to its new approach toward gameplay. With 4K Ultra HD games, VR compatibility and higher frame rates in their games, Sony is putting pressure on themselves to produce better quality games that will keep customers coming back for more.

One thing that makes Sony unique is its high number of exclusive titles. Even though it’s not well-known amongst people who don’t actively follow Sony news or play PlayStation games, there are at least 50 titles that are only available on PlayStation and nowhere else!

Is it better than Xbox One X?

The PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be the console of choice for fans of Sony’s gaming experience. It is better than the Xbox One X in several ways, but it’s not perfect. The biggest downside? We’ll have to wait another year or two before we can get our hands on one.

While we’re all excited about Sony’s PlayStation 5, there are some cons you should keep in mind. First and foremost, it will be an even longer wait than usual before you can get your hands on one. There’s currently no solid release date available, although it is unlikely to come out in 2019 or 2020.

This means those with an Xbox One X will probably want to hold onto it for at least another year or two before upgrading their gaming experience. However, if you just can’t wait, and don’t mind spending a little extra money for future-proofing your console gaming experience now, then go for it! Most of us will probably wait though and that’s okay too!

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