Get Your Hands on the PlayStation 5 Right Now!

Get Your Hands on the PlayStation 5 Right Now!

The PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console, isn’t available to the public yet, but Sony has made one available at their headquarters in New York City. They have ten of them there – you can come and play with them right now! Read on to learn how you can get your hands on the PS5 right now!

An overview of what we know about the PS5

Sony has been talking about the PlayStation 5 for quite some time now, and we finally know when the next generation console will be out. For those of you that want to get your hands on it, the PlayStation 5 is available right now. The only drawback? It’s not in stores just yet and you’ll have to be very lucky to find one on eBay or Amazon.

Sony announced that the PS5 release date is set for November 2020 so there’s plenty of time before everyone gets their hands on it! If you pre-order your PS5 today, then you’ll have a chance at getting your hands on it before anyone else does. Better hurry though, because these are going fast!

Speculation about its features

It will probably come in two different versions: one designed for home consoles and another designed for portable gaming. One of the features that Sony might include is a separate gamepad so you can wirelessly play games on your TV. The controller will be battery-powered, with the ability to provide power to an attached display.

Other features include more storage (likely 1TB or 2TB), 4K compatibilities, and a user interface that’s accessible from the palm of your hand via a Bluetooth connection. A PlayStation 5 release date is also up in the air, but some reports say it will be out as early as 2020.

There’s speculation that a new feature will be in-game voice chat, with separate speakers and mics built into both controllers. It might even have Wi-Fi compatibility so you can play multiplayer games without having to be right next to your TV. Another interesting development is Sony’s patented VR/AR headset which would allow players to switch between virtual reality gaming and playing on their console or smartphone.

A new controller with a touchpad and motion control is also anticipated by many fans of the PlayStation brand. It could even have improved graphics and better noise cancellation than its predecessors so gamers can enjoy themselves fully wherever they go. There’s no set release date yet for either model, but it’s expected to be about 2 years after the release for handheld consoles.

A look at when we can expect it to be released

Sony has yet to announce a release date for the PlayStation 5, but it is expected to be released sometime in 2020. Current consoles have not gone much longer than four years without a redesign and you can expect Sony to follow suit with the PlayStation 5. They are aiming for generational shifts at around five years, so while they still haven’t given an official date of release, 2020 seems like the most likely year it will be available.

The cost will be anywhere from $499 up to $599 and you can pre-order now if you’re ready to buy now or sign up for email updates if you want it once it’s been announced on October 15th, 2018.

What we can do to get our hands on one early

If you can’t wait for the official PlayStation 5 release date, this is your lucky day. There are lots of different PlayStation 5 deals going on right now to help make it a little easier to snag one of these coveted devices.

The PlayStation 5 is set to be released in 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some nice savings today while they last. Sony announced the next-generation console on March 15th and we’re already seeing the available PS5 deals that let us get our hands on one earlier than planned.

On March 15th, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that Sony’s next-generation gaming console will be launching in 2020. But now there are several PlayStation 5 deals to help get your hands on one early. There is no solid date yet for when you can start pre-ordering and we don’t know how much they’ll cost,

but Sony is expected to reveal more at E3 2019 later in June. Some stores may start taking pre-orders sooner than that, so keep an eye out if you’re eager to reserve yours before everyone else. If you’re still looking for deals once E3 comes around though, it won’t be long until we start seeing PS5 bundles going on sale with games and accessories included at great prices.

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