Google Workspace Update Finally Makes It Worth Ditching Microsoft 365

Google Workspace Update Finally Makes It Worth Ditching Microsoft 365

Google Workspace update gives you another reason to abandon Microsoft 365. For many small businesses, the Google Workspace update will be the deciding factor of whether or not to make the switch from Microsoft 365 to G Suite, at least as far as email is concerned. In terms of other apps and services, Google still has some ways to go to catch up to Microsoft. But when it comes to email, Google has just taken over the leading position in terms of security and privacy.

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It’s a no-brainer: Google is the clear winner in the office suite and email space. And now, it has also taken on Microsoft in the calendar, with a new feature that allows you to see your calendars side by side. The update, which is rolling out worldwide this week, will make viewing and managing multiple calendars easier than ever. You can add up to 10 calendars at once just like Outlook and you’ll be able to switch between them without having to go back and forth between apps.

On top of that, you’ll be able to turn off all notifications from one calendar while keeping them on for another. You can also see your most recently used calendars at the top, which comes in handy when you’re using multiple calendars across several devices. These additions are welcome changes that will make managing your appointments–along with all your other tasks more efficient and convenient.

This update makes it even easier to view Google Calendar as a viable alternative to Outlook and Office 365, especially if you want to streamline how you communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Since email is such a crucial component of work communication, it makes sense that it would factor into your decision as well.


Google’s new update to Google Workspace will allow you to store up to 50GB of data, without any time limit. This is a bonus for users who don’t have a lot of storage space on their devices and need the ability to upload large files.

If you’re an Android user and are looking for a solid file management app that allows you to easily access your documents from anywhere, then Google Drive is the way to go. You’ll be able to get started by downloading it from the Play Store and installing it on your mobile device!


For the past few years, Google has been updating its products to be compatible with Microsoft Office. However, with the recent update of Google Workspace, it is finally worth ditching your old programs and using Google instead. With this new update, you can now edit and create documents in a way that feels more natural to you. You are no longer restricted by what kind of document type you need for each function.

For example, if you wanted to create a spreadsheet on a new page, the formatting will automatically adjust so that it fits neatly into your workspace. There is also an option to use different fonts and styles in your documents without having to go back into Word or Excel.


Google is a household name. They have been in business for over twenty years and you have probably used one of their products or services. The most recent update to Google Workspace allows users to share files, including presentations, with anyone they wish. This is a great addition because it means that your presentation can be viewed on any device that the recipient may use.

Google has also worked to make sure that its service is secure. They have a two-step verification process that is easy to access. This means that if you get hacked, your account will remain safe and out of danger.

For someone to gain access to your Google Drive, they would need physical access to your phone and have your phone in hand as well as get into your email so they could use it for a password reset or something similar. While Google is working on improving its product with every update, they continue to keep users’ safety in mind.

Additional Benefits

– New and improved desktop experience with Google Chrome on Windows 10 – Improved performance across all devices – Integrated Gmail and Calendar with better support for third-party apps (like Evernote)

– Easier access to Drive files, including the ability to edit them offline

– Add up to six accounts at once

– Switching between workspaces has been made easier than before

– Ability to drag and drop files between your workspaces without having to copy or sync them first

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