Google's Nest Wifi Mesh Router Is Up To $150 Off Right Now - Get It While You Can!

Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh Router Is Up To $150 Off Right Now – Get It While You Can!

Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh router was announced last year as the successor to Google’s OnHub, and it’s recently been joined by the new Google WiFi system, which offers more coverage than the previous model while costing less. Right now, both systems are being offered at up to $150 off on Amazon, which means that they can be yours if you hurry! Here’s what you need to know about this amazing deal! Read more …

The ultimate wireless home network

Many of us struggle with the question of what router should we buy. The problem is, there is a multitude of choices, which can lead to some confusion. Wifi routers come in many different shapes and sizes; but no matter which one you buy, the main difference between all wifi routers is that they broadcast an internet connection to your devices at home.

However, a google’s nest wifi mesh router provides an excellent option for most households because it can create a fast, reliable internet connection throughout your home. Plus, Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh Router Is Up To $150 Off Right Now.

What’s included?

The great thing about the Google Mesh Router is that it works both as a mesh router and as a Wifi point. That means you can put one in each room to create complete wireless coverage all over your house, with virtually no dead spots. The setup process is incredibly easy and can be done in just minutes.

Nest WiFi comes equipped with intuitive features like parental controls, a powerful antivirus, and automatic connections to everything from laptops to smart lights. For a limited time only, the new Nest Mesh Router is $150 off for purchase exclusively at Walmart for any 2-pack or 3-pack bundle. But don’t wait too long because this deal will expire on Monday, September 17th at 11:59 p.m.

What can you do with it?

Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh Router is up to $150 off right now, and it’s so tempting that you might just want to buy one. But what exactly can you do with a Nest Wifi Mesh Router? Well, besides having all the advantages of a standard WiFi router with improved coverage,

Nest Wifi includes features such as being compatible with Alexa, doing away with passwords and instead using your face or fingerprint scan, and even being able to be controlled by your home thermostat. The starter pack comes complete with three units for the price of two, but you’ll need to get this deal before it expires.

How much is it?

If you’ve been looking for a new home network, now might be the perfect time to buy. Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh Router just dropped in price by $150 and it’s still eligible for the two-year no-interest financing. Plus, if you bundle it with other Nest products like the Nest Thermostat or Nest Cam, then you’ll get an additional $100 off your purchase. This deal is only available online, but don’t worry because Google’s got that part covered too with free shipping and returns.

The router comes with a three-month trial of Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh service, but if you want to cancel after that it’ll still save you money. The three-month package is just under $30 per month for access to a Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh point in your home and unlimited data usage.

After that, you can downgrade to only pay for internet access or stop paying altogether. However, even without a monthly charge, it’s worth having on hand as an emergency backup. If there’s ever a power outage, you can connect your Google WiFi point via Ethernet cable and keep getting uninterrupted Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh for up to eight hours per day.

Where can you buy it?

If you want to buy Google’s Nest Wifi Mesh Router, the one that works with the company’s intelligent thermostat and smoke alarm, right now might be your best chance. For a limited time, Google is selling these mesh networks for $150 off.

This deal makes a three-pack of the routers worth just $349 from Best Buy or Walmart (though these retailers also offer free shipping) instead of $500. Considering that this would normally be a two-year service agreement from both companies, paying an extra $150 might be worth it to make sure you get all new tech in 2019.

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