How SpaceX and T-Mobile are Thrilling Satellite-to-Phone Companies

How SpaceX and T-Mobile are Thrilling Satellite-to-Phone Companies

Telecommunications companies are thrilled about the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, which sent its payload into orbit at 2:30 pm EST, on Feb 6.

Dish Network Says These Innovations in Wireless Are Good News for Satellites

Dish Network is paying close attention to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and T-Mobile because these innovations in wireless are good news for satellites.

SpaceX, the company run by Elon Musk that also developed its line of internet-providing satellites, launched a satellite into orbit today. Musk stated that this satellite could eventually help provide affordable internet to even the most remote areas of the world. For now, the web service only works on stationary devices and laptops at home or work. However, that’s enough for an estimated 2 billion people who don’t have access to broadband speeds on Earth.

Musk even stated that it could take less than a decade for SpaceX to have a presence in space that provides internet service from space. The addition of another potential competitor in Elon Musk to an already busy area of space communications is concerning to satellite companies like Dish Network. That’s because many people looking for internet access turn to satellites as an alternative when traditional methods fail them.

Satellite company ViaSat predicts that worldwide demand for broadband Internet will increase at least 20% each year between 2017 and 2022, a growth rate that’s significantly faster than other segments within their business. While Dish Network doesn’t predict any major short-term losses due to these innovations, they must plan accordingly moving forward by focusing on improving their own business.

ViaSat is Hopeful This Means Better Competition

SpaceX and T-Mobile have been making headlines this week with their groundbreaking 5G collaboration. While most are still scrambling to figure out what the benefits of 5G will be, satellite-to-phone companies are excited because this could be a much-needed competition for telecom providers who have had a near monopoly on the industry for decades.

ViaSat is one of these satellite-to-phone companies. They provide data services to most US military bases, as well as major cruise ships. However, due to their high costs, they can’t rival telecom providers for residential or business subscribers.

This has been a long time coming, with ViaSat petitioning government regulators multiple times over a decade ago to force telecom providers to open up their infrastructure so other companies could provide service. It seems they may finally get their wish with both SpaceX and T-Mobile working together on how exactly 5G will work. If anyone can fix one of America’s most stagnant industries, it’s Elon Musk!

Comcast Will Feel the Pinch if More Consumers Cut Their Cable

It’s no secret that Comcast and other cable and satellite companies are seeing a diminishing subscriber base. More and more Americans are cutting the cord from paying for expensive cable packages to opting for cheaper, if not free, online streaming options like Netflix and Hulu. Fortunately for them, T-Mobile may have just provided them with their newest opportunity for customer acquisition: the ability to seamlessly switch their phone between different providers with their rocket-fast T-Mobile One plan.

Of course, for Comcast and other cable companies to take notice of a plan like T-Mobile’s is only somewhat surprising. The changes that have led Americans to cut their cable subscription are driven by much more than just marketing efforts from third-party phone companies.

Consumers’ exposure to high prices from expensive plans like  SpaceX  Comcast’s traditional cable package has been around for years before Verizon, AT&T, or Google became household names. It was these existing forces that eventually pushed customers into exploring other options, some of which include cutting their internet access as well as their TV subscriptions.

AT&T Expects 5G to be Game Changer for Future of Communications

The next step in the evolution of telecommunications  SpaceX could be just around the corner. T-Mobile and SpaceX, a space exploration company, are set to unveil a plan for 5G wireless technology. Now it might not seem like this is such a big deal. But keep in mind that no one knows what 5G will look like when it becomes a reality – even the companies involved in this new idea are hypothesizing about it. So what does that mean for satellite-to-phone companies?

Well, chances are, whatever 5G brings to your phone signal or Wi-Fi signal, these telecommunication giants are likely to benefit from some sort of improved signal quality and connectivity speeds as people flock to a stronger mobile signal.

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