How to check your Zong number in 4 easy steps

How to check your Zong number in 4 easy steps

Want to check Zong’s number without any hassle? Here are 4 easy steps that you can follow to do so. Just follow these steps and in just a few minutes, you will have your Zong number checked. Now, let’s look at the simple method to check numbers by following some of the steps that are mentioned below. Read through them carefully and proceed as instructed on how to get your number checked as instructed below!

Step 1: Open Zong App

Open Zong App on your phone, type the number, and then tap on the check. We will call it a Zong number which is a unique and verified 6-digit code. Your number helps you to access your mobile sim on any network all over Pakistan. Even, if you buy a new iPhone or Android device, so don’t worry about these things, just copy your number and put it on your new device. It’s that easy.

For some of you, who are searching for number verification methods on Google. I want to tell you that, if you need any information about zong or want a new plan or want to change the sim to an old one. Just open the app on your android mobile and follow those simple steps. Your verification is done!

You don’t need any code or application just type on it, even without a net connection also working. And after put, the ok button verifies the new pin by ourselves. Then you will get a message like: Thank You! Your verification is successful. So let’s start for check all processes online very easily.

Step 2: Enter the Phone Number

To check your number, you can go to any mobile shop. They have a separate area where you have to enter your phone number. The Zong staff will ask for your ID and then he/she will verify if everything is working fine. If everything goes well, you will be able to see your number on the screen and also print out a copy of it at home. In case of any problem, they’ll tell you what exactly is wrong with your SIM card and how can you fix it.

This is another method that you can try if you are not getting desired results by using step 1. To use it, you will have to open an internet browser on your computer or mobile phone. On Google, there is a separate website for verifying numbers. Now type  .pk without quotation marks and click the search button on Google.

After that, enter your SIM card number and verify yourself by entering OTP on the next screen that pops up. The good thing about checking your  Number online is that you will get an immediate response whether everything works well or not by seeing a green tick mark or red cross sign beside the text box of your phone number.

Step 3: Enter Mobile Verification Code

Zong is one of Pakistan’s most popular mobile phone companies, which means a lot of people have numbers. But how do you make sure your number’s correct? Here are four simple ways to check your number. (After all, getting stuck with someone else’s number isn’t funny!)

Keep in mind that Zong does not send text messages when you first sign up for your service—they wait until after you’ve received and paid for your first invoice before sending out a welcome text message with your temporary number. If you didn’t receive one and don’t remember what it was, try these steps

Step 4: Enter Account Password

Enter your account password as provided  Your phone number will be asked for so that can use your information for proper activation of your SIM card. Once you enter all of these details, tap on Submit and wait for a new SMS from Zong with an OTP. To verify your number, type in the OTP on Zong’s

website and hit Submit again. You have successfully checked your zong number! For more information about zong just visit Pakistan cellular company website.

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