How to stop Microsoft from shoving ads down your throat in Outlook

How to stop Microsoft from shoving ads down your throat in Outlook

If you’ve been using Microsoft Outlook on your Android or iOS device, chances are that you’ve already noticed the push notification from the email service saying Hey, there are new promotions available! To remove these ads, you will need to manually opt-out of them in the settings of your account. Here’s how it’s done

Remove the Ad Bar

The ads in Outlook aren’t always a bother, but when they show up too frequently it can be annoying. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix. In the meantime, you can turn off these ads with just a few taps.

1) Open Outlook on your Android or iOS device 2) Tap Settings (this button might say Customize) 3) Turn off Show promotions 4) Select Hide ad bar if it is currently turned on 5) Hit Done!

The previous steps should eliminate ads from showing up on your iOS or Android device. However, if you still have issues, there is another possible culprit: email address syncing. If Outlook is syncing emails across devices and platforms you could be seeing these ads regularly.

To fix that issue, you can remove email syncing entirely with a few taps. On iOS, do so by opening Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Your email account > Remove Account. On Android, go to Settings > Email Accounts and tap Edit at your account (to make sure it’s selected), then tap Remove Account at the bottom of that screen.

Unsubscribe From Ads

If you want to make Microsoft leave your inbox alone, it’s not difficult. In Outlook on iOS, Android, or your email account, just open the Mail Settings pane and then scroll down until you find the Turn off ads option. There is also a link on the sidebar of your inbox which will do the same thing.

Of course, if you have another email provider that offers a better experience for email, maybe it’s time you switched. Good options include Google’s Gmail service and Apple’s iCloud Mail service.

Both offer an ad-free inbox and support most smartphone operating systems. There are also plenty of other non-Microsoft email services available; one of our favorites is ProtonMail. Founded by CERN scientists who wanted a secure email service,

ProtonMail offers security with end-to-end encryption and three different storage options: free, plus, or pro. All offer ad-free inboxes without third parties getting their hands on your data. You can even use ProtonMail with any device including iOS as long as you download their official client app directly from their website.

Tell Microsoft That Its Business Practices Are Shady

Microsoft needs to remember that they are offering a service and not a product. If I wanted ads shoved down my throat, I would watch TV in between every episode of my favorite show.

Microsoft’s ‘bait and switch tactic is clearly for customer loyalty and their wallet, but when you have that mindset you’ll likely find your services go ignored or get revoked altogether. If someone wants your products, they will pay for them or trade something in return just like we do on the ground with money.

If you’re willing to provide people with less-expensive alternatives, then all the power to you, because Microsoft should consider restructuring its policies before it continues on this path of alienating customers who can take their patronage elsewhere for better treatment.

It’s possible that you can avoid advertisements by opting for premium Office 365 subscriptions, but these are still limited and not necessary. For example, you can’t get unlimited OneDrive storage unless you pay for a business plan, which is $12.50 per month. If there was no option for a free or reduced-cost subscription,

I could understand why some advertisements might be helpful. However, we don’t live in an either-or society and it shouldn’t have to come down to paying out money so that Microsoft can afford its fancy new skyscraper or advertisers need their data points so they can send more lucrative information our way. Let me repeat: I do not want ads shoved down my throat.

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