Instagram Gets Mean About Sending Video Clips to TikTok

Instagram Gets Mean About Sending Video Clips to TikTok

You’re halfway done with your video when you realize that it would be better as a 3-second clip on TikTok. So you want to cut the original Instagram clip and send it over to TikTok, right? Wrong, according to Instagram, which will stop you from doing so with an error message that pops up whenever you try to do so.

Why does this happen?

Many people now use I  as a social media platform to share photos, videos, and live footage. However, some Instagram users may want to send their video clips to other apps like TikTok. TikTok allows you to upload short video clips that are about 10 seconds long with easy editing tools for text overlays.

Some are frustrated because they can’t access the clip on TikTok as easily from their feeds on Instagram. Other people have noted that the footage is still easily accessible if you click on the stories link under someone’s profile. Also, this might have been an oversight.

How do we tackle this issue?

Instagram’s decision to keep videos in-house is an understandable one. TikTok’s algorithm privileges view over user experience, which often leads to a terrible viewing experience that can frustrate users.

Video clips on TikTok are predominantly 60 seconds long (with no autoplay), and often many video clips are shown in succession with only 20 seconds or so of ad breaks in between. The video quality is also not great with blurry images and soundless video clips being the norm rather than the exception.

Some videos serve as ads for other brands, offering limited benefits to users who want to see the content they were expecting instead of having an ad interrupt their experience or having their screens taken over by one brand’s content for 10 seconds before it moves on to another advertisement for someone else.

What can we learn from this?

We can learn that while the TikTok app has a lot of interesting features to it, there are still drawbacks. As Instagram has recently introduced new updates to their app, if you try to share a video to TikTok using the in-app share button, you’ll be met with an error message stating that TikTok is not supported on this device.

That’s right—you’ll need to find a different way of sending over your clips. Of course, some may see this as a sign that TikTok has reached its popularity peak and should cease existing like did last year. However, others see it as a way for to keep users from jumping ship and sticking solely with the image-based social media platform.

Although some may see these changes as a way for to rid themselves of competition, it’s hard not to question why they would do so. After all, videos are one of their biggest features and what has made them stand out from other social media platforms.

Nevertheless, TikTok has been on an upwards spiral since its release and is becoming one of Instagram’s biggest competitors. It makes sense that would want to try and stem the flow of users heading over there for video clips, but at what cost?

Are we starting to see evidence that app-based social media is dying off? Will we start seeing more sites such as Twitter or Facebook follow suit?

Will other social media start doing the same thing?

Instagram is continuing to get mean about users sending video clips to TikTok. This has led many people to speculate if other social media will also start doing the same thing. Instagram used to be a network that allowed for multimedia posts and now, it seems as though they want their network of still images.

If a user sends video clips to an app other than Instagram, that video clip is converted into an image and sent as such. If a user sends video clips of 20 seconds or less,

then they are allowed to do so because Instagram doesn’t want users sharing their media with other apps. But what if they posted long videos? What if they didn’t? The picture below shows how these types of posts look on an iPhone.

On Monday, January 14th, 2019 it was reported that Nikita Dragun (@nikitadragun) would be quitting social media because Instagram was getting mean about posting her video clips with TikTok. Some people thought that she was being dramatic about leaving social media but others understood exactly why she did so.

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