Instagram's New Clone: BeReal

Instagram’s New Clone: BeReal

It seems that everyone is after their piece of the Instagram pie, and tech giants are not immune to the Insta-bug either! Facebook and Twitter’s new clone, called BeReal has been launched this week, targeting content creators and allowing them to engage with their followers. What are your thoughts on BeReal? Would you switch from Instagram or just stick with your current platform? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

What BeReal Is

To many, Instagram is a place where you can post all your best moments to create an unrealistically good life. To others, it’s simply a place for social media marketing. To tap into these demographics,

Instagram has created the latest and greatest clone app–BeReal. Be Real is an app that will allow people to create life-like posts to satisfy their desires for perfectionism. The goal of this app is not only to create like-minded individuals but also to inspire creativity with authentic content as well.

This way, it becomes less about projecting our perfect selves and more about showing what we are doing right now in real-time. We’ll soon be able to say goodbye to those ugly headless bathroom selfies and over-edited vacation pics!

Why it Might Happen

People love a good story and who doesn’t want to know more about someone they admire? Instagram can create a clone of its app, similar to how Snapchat did with the stories.

With this, Instagram could BeReal provide extra information on the daily lives of some of their top users without actually invading their privacy (BeReal users would set out certain days that they’re available). We may even see less ghosting happen if people are reminded to check in every day rather than when something happens or doesn’t.

-Improve user experience by providing extra information

-Show less ghosting

What It Means for Influencers

If you’re an influencer on Instagram, this may be a major change to your social media game. With that said, while this is still in the early stages, we should all be paying attention because it could drastically change the way we share our lives online.

Currently, it appears that Instagram is trying to take on Snapchat by making it easier for users to post public videos and by copying their most popular feature – filters.

If they succeed in cloning the app with their new clone BeReal, things could get ugly (fast). It wouldn’t be long before more influential accounts leave Snapchat and Facebook because both are created by the same company – Zuckerberg!

The Dangers of Being Too Real

One of the world’s most popular social media platforms is at it again. It is being reported that Instagram is looking to bring back a style of Snapchat with a BeReal interface, in which users can hide messages from their followers for up to 24 hours. It was only a few months ago that Instagram killed off its beloved predecessor,

Vine, which utilized the same concept. This new take on an old idea will only serve to confuse users, even more, when it comes to what they should be doing on the app, and some believe it could cause one or both apps to tank entirely.

We are all aware of what happened when Instagram killed off Vine. That particular app had just as many loyal followers as Instagram and all Vine videos were also uploaded onto YouTube.

How to Avoid Faking Your Life

##Localizing your profile is a simple way to connect with others in your area and make sure you’re being seen. You can also take advantage of hashtags by checking popular tags to find content that relates to your niche. For instance, if you have a store that carries natural goods, use the hashtag #greenshopping.

##Try following influential accounts on Instagram that are affiliated with your topic or BeReal to keep up with trending topics and other news. Remember though, not all influencers will reply or tag followers in their posts!

Other Ways to Market Yourself on Instagram

Trying to get your account noticed on Instagram? There are lots of ways to market yourself on the photo-sharing platform.

More popular than ever, and with more than 500 million active monthly users in 2018, it can be challenging to gain traction on the app if you’re not an influencer or if you don’t have a big budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost or free tips that should help make your photos get more likes and followers.

Here are a few ways to leverage Instagram for better engagement and exposure. 1) Keep posts brief with an attention-grabbing caption. The post should have the ability to entertain people with its content while also generating intrigue. 2) Use hashtags.

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