KineMaster How to Remove the Watermark

KineMaster: How to Remove the Watermark

Have you downloaded the popular video editor KineMaster and tried to use it only to find that your content has an ugly watermark plastered all over it? If so, you’re not alone! Fortunately, the developers of KineMaster have made it easy to remove the watermark, whether you’re using the Mac or Windows version. Follow along as we show you how!

Step 1 – Download iFunBox

Download and install iFunBox (via its official website) onto your PC. Launch the program. Drag and drop the Kinemaster app into iFunBox. Locate where it is on your computer by clicking on App in iFunBox and going to Applications. You should now see Kinemaster under your applications. Right-click on Kinemaster, then select Show Package Contents. Navigate through Resources, and find a file called \Media\Watermark. Delete this file, then exit out of everything you had opened in iFunBox.

Step 2 – Connect your iOS Device to your Computer

– Plug in your iOS device.

– Launch iTunes on your computer.

– On iTunes, select your device under Devices on the left sidebar.

– Select File > Devices > Transfer Purchases From

Step 3 – Go into the DCIM folder

In order to remove the watermark, you’ll need to have access to a computer with a graphical interface. If you have a Windows PC, open My Computer and find your DCIM folder. If you’re on a Mac, go into Finder and find the DCIM folder in Pictures. Once you’ve found it, right-click it and select Rename.

Rename it something else like DCIM2 or DCIM Alternate. This will give you an alternate copy of your photos without a watermark.

Step 3 – Go into your KineMaster DCIM folder. Open up KineMaster and then click on ‘Folders’ on top of your screen. Once you’ve clicked ‘Folders,’ you’ll see a blue folder with a yellow camera in it. You can also access your DCIM folder by going here: Computer > DCIM2 or wherever you renamed it to. If you are using a Mac, follow these same steps but be sure to go into Pictures > DCIM2 instead of going into My Computer > DCIM2 or wherever you renamed it to. Once there, delete all of your photos.

Step 4 – Delete MediaData Folder

Here’s how you can delete the watermark in KineMaster. The first thing you need to do is locate where on your computer Kinemaster has been installed. You will usually find it in a folder with a bunch of different program files, but may also be found in a Program Files folder. Once you locate it, right-click on it and select Open File Location.

Next, open up your file explorer window and navigate to that newly opened location for Kinemaster. In there should be two more folders called Cache and media data. Delete those two folders by highlighting them and pressing the delete key on your keyboard or dragging them into your recycle bin.

Step 5 – Open Your Video App and Enjoy!

You can now share your videos as public or private. There are a lot of benefits to removing KineMaster’s watermark, one of them being that you’ll be able to show off all your hard work without feeling shy. But remember, you can always put it back on if you want.

So why would you want to remove KineMaster’s watermark? Well, one reason is that you can’t share private videos on Instagram or Snapchat with a watermarked video. You’ll also be able to share your videos on Facebook without having people think it’s spam since KineMaster’s brand will be less visible.

Lastly, some people just prefer their videos without anything in the corner. Just remember if you choose to upload private videos without removing KineMaster’s watermark that doesn’t mean they’re private forever. It’s okay not to publish your video if you’re not ready!

Step 6 (Optional) – Sync with iCloud

Sync your KineMaster project with iCloud by clicking File and selecting iCloud. The first time you sync, KineMaster will ask you for an Apple ID and password. This information is required in order for KineMaster to access iCloud storage. Click Allow if you are asked for additional permissions. Once everything is set up, click Done. You can now make edits on one computer and see them reflected on all of your other devices that are connected to iCloud.

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