Microsoft's Plan to Rejuvenate Windows with a Fresh New Look

Microsoft’s Plan to Rejuvenate Windows with a Fresh New Look

If you feel like Rejuvenate Windows has been looking the same for the past decade or so, you’re not alone. Microsoft feels your pain and has made it its mission to make the popular operating system look more modern and visually appealing with Windows 10’s upcoming release. According to announcements made by company officials at an October event held in San Francisco, Windows 10 will sport an entirely new look as part of its reimagining of the popular operating system.

The problem: People want all the features but don’t like all the clutter

The problem with Rejuvenate Windows is that it can be cluttered and even confusing to use. But, what if all the clutter could be hidden away, with a menu appearing when needed and then disappearing when you are done with it?

There are all sorts of tools out there for making your computer look more attractive, but Rejuvenate Windows tries to do this in its way by cleaning up the start screen and providing a customization panel on which you can add all those personal touches that make your computer feel like yours.

To see how your PC will eventually look under this new design preview, check out Microsoft’s site and join their mailing list to get a sneak peek at their latest plans.

A Brief History of User Interface Design

What you may not have known is that the original Rejuvenate Windows is coming up on its 31st birthday. The user interface, first released with Windows 95 in 1995, will celebrate this by sporting a new look to mark its anniversary.

Microsoft has been making changes to the Rejuvenate Windows user interface (UI) ever since it started working with touchscreen interfaces and found that people’s fingers were too large to use a pointer effectively. This newest design change will be a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows, but Microsoft claims that it still maintains familiarity for users.

So What Went Wrong?

Microsoft’s new Rejuvenate Windows 10 design focuses on making things easier for the user. The initial plan was to make a clean, touch-friendly, tile-based interface that would be customizable for different devices and interface types. But Microsoft is scrapping those plans and going back to its roots in Rejuvenate Windows7 or 8 with a tweaked Start menu and the classic Pill icon dock of applications.

With all of these changes, will Microsoft be able to maintain its goal of making things easier for the user? And is this good news or bad news? Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself: What is my favorite thing about Rejuvenate Windows? What do I wish it had? What should it have?

The plan

Microsoft’s been gradually making changes to Windows, most notably the removal of the Start button in Rejuvenate Windows 8. Some people found this jarring change to be problematic and wished they could bring back the old version while others enjoyed the new look.

Recently it was revealed that Microsoft had the plan to offer both versions of Windows 8 with a selection menu that will allow users to pick between Windows 7’s UI or Windows 8’s UI with either PC settings being accessible by using just two clicks on the bottom left corner, or directly from System Settings after clicking the Settings button in the bottom right corner.

However, some have argued that allowing for such flexibility makes Windows 8 a step backward. Whether it is viewed as an improvement or not, I think Microsoft should be lauded for offering choice.

Better Design and Functionality

Microsoft is partnering with design firm FiftyThree to help revitalize the company’s desktop and mobile operating systems in hopes of creating a fresh new look for their products. With Apple dominating the field with its simple yet elegant design, Microsoft hopes that this update will renew user interest in their software, especially as other companies release more powerful competition.

They are planning on making some significant changes, such as cutting the clutter on the desktop interface and taking more care to add touches of color to make things less dull. They also plan to improve usability so that everything can be controlled more quickly without sacrificing quality.

The Next Generation Experience (or, as they call it, Redstone 4)

Microsoft has announced its plan to give Windows a fresh new look, dubbed The Next Generation Experience. The changes to Windows have been in the pipeline for some time, but what’s most significant about the upcoming Redstone 4 release is that it’s happening for free and all at once.

This allowed Microsoft to reduce the scope of Windows releases from twice a year to twice a decade. Beyond the headline features coming in Redstone 4, like WebAssembly support and Package Managers, Microsoft hopes that this new streamlined development process will allow them to produce innovations quicker and more consistently.

Is This Enough?

This year is a significant year for Microsoft as the company is working on not just one, but two brand-new versions of Windows. Windows 10 will be the new flagship operating system and will come with a slew of innovative features. And this month Microsoft also announced that they are working on HoloLens technology, which is Microsoft’s answer to Google Glasses.

Holo plans to integrate the tablet and phone experience into an all-in-one device similar to what Apple has been doing with its iPhone and iPad.

Breaking Down Barriers Between Devices

Microsoft has a plan to rejuvenate Windows with a fresh new look. This will break down barriers between devices and make it easier to work across PCs, phones, and tablets. It will be easier to switch devices while working on the same project, see live synced updates when you’re online with everyone, and smoothly move your work from one screen to the next.

Where Will All This Take Us?

Microsoft’s recent announcement of a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Rejuvenate Windows is meant to improve the desktop experience and make it more friendly for newer users. It is to also help change how people think about Rejuvenate Windows by making the company look forward to innovation. By giving Windows an updated interface, they’re hoping to make computing easier with an adaptable new interface that will work across all devices, including phones and tablets.

What do you think?

Microsoft is planning a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows. They want the UI to be more efficient and dynamic while maintaining compatibility with existing applications. I think this plan will work as it will help make Rejuvenate Windows more appealing to current and future customers by giving a fresh new look with new features. It’ll also enable better communication between computers in a data center and make it easier for developers to build software for Windows devices without having to worry about legacy support issues.

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