Netflix's Resident Evil has already been canceled: Here's why

Netflix’s Resident Evil has already been canceled: Here’s why

Everyone has heard of Netflix’s Resident t Evil series; it’s one of the most popular video game-to-movie adaptations of all time. It’s been able to hold its own despite stiff competition from other zombie films like World War Z and I Am Legend, with Milla Jovovich leading the charge as Alice, the badass protagonist we’re all rooting for to make it out alive at the end.

The series was lackluster from the beginning

One of the saddest announcements to come out of Netflix’s press conference at this year’s Comic-Con was the cancellation of Netflix’s Resident Evil.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a Season 2, but according to Capcom, it is being placed on hold. The current incarnation starring Erica Lindbeck and Matt Smith as lead protagonists is creatively unviable. This means that any investment into the series would likely not return any kind of profit. We need to look no further than Hulu’s release plans for Rick and Morty to know where they are coming from.

On the other hand, some shows have gone through a rocky launch but are eventually able to recover their footing. Despite being critically panned and having lackluster viewership, Netflix still gave its season 2 order to One Day At A Time. By seeing where fans wanted them to go with it and having key players behind it such as Norman Lear,

they were able to find success with one of their most successful new series in a while. They have also managed to keep Stranger Things going despite its famously slow start. The show was renewed for three seasons after two because Netflix could see how successful it would become down the line if they just gave it some time to grow.

The latest news about Resident Evil

Netflix’s Resident Evil has already been canceled after two seasons

This comes after it was announced by Deadline last year that Netflix and Capcom were parting ways, with both companies in disagreement over video game adaptations. As a result, there have already been multiple reports claiming to reveal what will happen next for Netflix’s live-action series.

Whether you liked Netflix’s Resident Evil or not, some problems are plaguing Netflix’s adaptation of their games. Here are three big issues I think will lead to poor viewing numbers and could ultimately be blamed for ending Netflix’s series too soon. Read on to find out what they are!

Why this could be good for the franchise

Netflix’s Resident Evil has already been canceled, and it’s been a controversial decision. Fans are not happy about this for a variety of reasons, but I think the cancellation may be good for the franchise in some ways. The cancellation will hopefully open up Netflix’s Resident Evil to other platforms and more franchising opportunities. If Netflix’s Resident Evil does better on another network like Hulu or AMC it might help build interest in the series and get people interested in playing the games again.

One of my favorite anime series Samurai Jack was canceled after 4 seasons by Cartoon Network despite good reviews, but now that Jack has found success on Adult Swim he can continue as an adult-aimed series instead of being marketed as a kid’s show which he isn’t despite being animated by Cartoon Network.

Will there be a reboot?

Netflix’s Resident Evil has already been canceled, and while there have been rumors of a possible reboot, there is no telling when or if this will happen.

While fans were devastated by Netflix’s decision to cancel Resident Evil, many are holding out hope that it will be rebooted. It is still possible for Capcom to find a new home for it, but considering its lackluster ratings from critics and audiences alike, there’s no telling if another company will take it on. Still,

some fans are keeping their fingers crossed that there could be more of Alice and her companions in the future. With talk of a possible director’s cut surfacing—along with reports that Netflix was planning a second season before pulling the plug—there’s still hope for more stories in Raccoon City.

What we want instead…

Netflix’s Resident Evil has already been canceled and this is why we’re not happy about it. The show’s been a really good representation of the game series with real-life actors making the experience so much better. Rumors are that it’s getting canceled because of licensing rights, which doesn’t seem likely since they’ve already agreed to a second season that’s set to come out in 2020.

We think that Netflix is going too far by taking out one of the most popular horror franchises ever, not just on TV but across every single media platform out there.

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