On May 4th, Yahoo Answers will shut down forever. Here's what we'll miss.

On May 4th, Yahoo Answers will shut down forever. Here’s what we’ll miss.

Yahoo Answers will be shut down forever on May 4th, 2017. It may not have been the best platform to find information, but it will be missed by those who made memories there in their formative years of internet use. Here are some of the reasons why it was so important to us and we’ll miss it in its glory days (2005-2009).

Thank you for your time Yahoo

We will all remember it as a place where you could go to find answers to tough questions–the last resort before looking the word up on Google or asking someone face-to-face. We used it for arguing about our favorite music groups and other celebrities, for basic biology lessons, and maybe for a few opinions about Doctor Who or comic books were thrown in there for good measure.

For many of us who are now in college and grew up with it around as an established part of the internet, it will always be remembered fondly. But alas, all good things must come to an end; and so Yahoo Answers will shut down forever on May 4th at 10:00 pm PDT--less than two weeks from now! Goodbye old friend!

The most satisfying experience

The greatest satisfaction I ever got from using the site was that it genuinely made me feel like a smart person who could answer someone else’s questions. That feeling made it worth wading through some of the s–t on there to get to something interesting enough to bother reading. But now I won’t have that satisfying feeling anymore because they’re shutting down this beloved site forever on May 4th. If you want one last chance to put your thoughts out there or help someone in need, here are some of the best questions on Yahoo Answers you should check out before it’s gone forever.

The community that was always there for you

Yahoo Answers was always there when you needed an answer – whether it was for homework or just life in general. It helped you out with something as trivial as when is Friday the 13th this year or how to move water from one bucket to another.

Let’s not forget the heartwarming messages that people used it for: how to deal with a divorce, someone who lost their spouse unexpectedly, and more! It will be sorely missed by all of us because of the community that Yahoo Answers has built over the years.

The craziest topics I saw discussed

From what was once a deeply controversial question to an indispensable resource for information on nearly anything imaginable. Now when someone needs advice on something they’re unsure of they turn to Google first because of its simple-to-use interface and incredible accuracy with search results.

The biggest downside will be the inability to browse past discussions on the site which will make referencing back later impossible, however, you can still go back and search previous discussions using Google or other major search engines such as Bing or even by browsing pages related to specific topics at Quora or Stack Exchange which may have similar discussion threads from other users on the same topic

Yahoo Answers shut down forever

The sad moment when people realized it would close

Yahoo Answers was shut down after they introduced an update to their question-and-answer service on Monday, April 3rd. The company changed from a manual content moderation process to using algorithms instead of human editors. This move resulted in a significant decrease in the number of questions being answered. As of last week (according to NBC News),

only about 25% of the questions being submitted were being answered by any person – with many unanswered for weeks at a time – while automated responses claimed most of the remaining 75%.

We’re sorry that as part of our commitment to continuously improve our experience for users we didn’t take into account how these changes might affect our moderators, said Linda Bruce, communications manager for Yahoo Answers earlier this year via email.

The funniest answers I read

Yahoo Answers had a lot of hilarious answers over the years and they won’t be there to make people laugh on this website forever.

The news came as a shock when I found out that Yahoo Answers will shut down forever on May 4th and we will never see them again. There were so many questions being asked like can I ask you out? or How do I get my tongue cleaner?

that I couldn’t help but want to reply with my sarcastic answer for a bit of fun in retrospect to the dumb questions asked by other people all over the internet when Yahoo Answers was up and running! But it turns out their sense of humor didn’t last forever because now there are some awkward pauses where replies should be waiting but will never come from any person ever again.

Where to go after it closes?

All in all, it would be a shame to lose such a revolutionary platform for finding quick answers and not know where to go next to find that information. I’m sure Google can’t cover all of the people who will need answers post-Yahoo Answers shut down forever.

And the saddest bit – goodbye…

Yahoo Answers will be shutting down forever on the 4th of May and many of us will not be sorry to see it go. Critics say that in the age of Google answers and Wikipedia any third-party answer-sourcing site is redundant and simply doesn’t have a place anymore. For a time, I thought this was true as well until I came across one such page in need of help…

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