Praise the sun! - Dark Souls 3's PC servers are back up and running

Praise the sun! – Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are back up and running

The PC version of Dark Souls 3 has been plagued with Praise the sun server issues since its launch in April of 2016, and it seems that Bandai Namco never really got the game’s server issues under control. But finally, after several months, we can rest easy once again! Dark Souls 3’s PC servers are back up and running!

A review of Dark Souls III

I’ll keep this brief. Praise the sun! The PC version of Dark Souls III is now available on Steam with its full offline mode, which means no more waiting for months at a time to save your game. If you’re thinking about picking it up, I highly recommend you get it on Steam where you can easily update the game as needed.

That said, if you don’t have any plans to play Dark Souls III anytime soon, I would recommend either waiting for a big price drop or skipping it altogether. If anything, just wait until all DLCs come out before playing. This was my experience with DS3 anyway.

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The server problems

This morning, reports emerged that Dark Souls III’s PC servers were down. Fans weren’t sure when or if they would be back. Fortunately, Namco Bandai has confirmed that they were taken down due to a network issue, and not due to anything else like hacking. They have also assured gamers that these issues should now be resolved, so Praise the sun! – Dark Souls III’s PC server problems have been solved. For players who don’t know what this means: it seems as if all server-related difficulties on the game’s console versions have been fixed for now too.

Dark Souls III is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. For more information on Dark Souls III, be sure to check out our wiki. If you’re having trouble with Dark Souls’ server difficulties or experiencing problems with game-breaking bugs, feel free to leave a comment below detailing your issue. Don’t forget to Praise the sun!

If you need a more detailed walkthrough for some of Dark Souls III’s bosses, be sure to check out our guide for every boss fight in the game. If you’re looking for help beyond boss fights, also be sure to check out our guides on how to level up fast and how to level up effectively. The leveling guides will help any fan gain strength faster while they Praise the sun!

For more guides on other parts of Dark Soul III, such as weapons or armor creation, head over here instead. A word of warning though: these are general tips that may not work with your specific character build if it is significantly different from ours.

The positive side

Kudos to Bandai Namco for resurrecting Dark Souls’ PC Server. Praise the sun, folks. The latest patch went live yesterday, fixing a significant number of reported issues in both single-player and multiplayer modes. And while we still have no word on when exactly it’ll be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4,

there has been some suggestion that Bandai Namco is targeting sometime in May before going offline for an unannounced period. We will hopefully know more about the server’s availability when the trailer for additional content debuts tomorrow at 9:00 am PDT/ 12:00 pm EST. Stay tuned, because from what I’ve seen so far it looks like it might be worth tuning in for.

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