The Color Of Your Shoelaces Might Tell Someone You're A Neo Nazi-feature

The Color Of Your Shoelaces Might Tell Someone You’re A Neo Nazi

It may harm you to not know anything.

When I was younger, I would match my shoelaces to the colour of my hair (I still do, but with more discretion). When I had blue hair, I started performing in a new band and was exposed to a scene that extended beyond my local suburbs for the first time. At an early session for our band, our guitarist casually said, “You must truly dislike police,” looking me from shoes to face. I was perplexed. You might argue that I’ve never sided with the police in a dispute, but I wasn’t sure whether it could be used to mean that I “truly hated” something or where he was getting this information.

I was even more perplexed when he said that he could tell from the laces on my shoes. I first assumed he was making it up or that this was some lame effort at a joke, but it turns out that what he was saying had some validity: wearing Dr. Marten boots with colourful shoelaces has many connotations in the punk movement (and more particularly, the skinhead community). Remember that they differ from place to region, but I believe it’s crucial to highlight the most typical ones, if only for the sake of preventing confrontation, recognising who has to be avoided, and realising that hatred exists in our music scene. Still not. And we need to do all in our power to snuff out that hatred.

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This piece is as accurate as it can be without actually sitting down with a “true believer,” or as far off-the-wall as this all may appear. Unfortunately, racism still exists in America today. Skinheads still exist and have a rich history that many people are unaware of, despite the fact that they may not be as involved in the local music scene as they once were (at least not nationally). Keep an eye out for boots on people. Your life could be saved by it.

Shoelaces White: White Pride

This is often used to denote Ku Klux Klan membership as well. The two often go together. An amusing example of how KKK members and Neo-Nazis differ from one another is the KKK’s refusal to align itself with Hitler’s ideologies since they despise immigrants. People, the Ku Klux Klan’s hatred is authentically American and won’t tolerate imitations.

Shoelaces Blue: Killed a Cop

The fact that these shoelaces imply not just the murder of a police officer but also that the perpetrators are publicly boasting about it and that it is so common that there is a code for it scares me the most.

Shoelaces Red: Neo-Nazi/National Front

It may also imply that they are always fighting or have murdered someone. It’s suggested that you avoid these people since they seem to be the meanest jerks you’ll ever meet.

Shoelaces Yellow: Anti-Racist

Thankfully, although Docs often have yellow laces, their connotation has not been established. This is one of a handful lace colours that the anti-nazi punk movement claimed.

Shoelaces Purple: Gay Pride

A fascinating one. Purple laces often signify LGBT pride but are also anti-skinhead. Although it has nothing to do with the others, I believe it is important to note.

Shoelaces Black: No Affiliation

It’s also wise to be aware that black laces, another typical Doc lace, are also meaningless.

I’m hoping that this code is put to good use. I’m aware that some individuals could begin making fun of others based on the colour of their shoelaces, but I advise against it. Not everyone who wears these laces is aware of these regulations, and even if they are, even if you thought you could fight the individual, remember that acting violently would only strengthen their case. This is not intended as a call for further violence, but rather as a caution. After all, hatred simply breeds hatred.

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