Sasha Monik's Cryptic Instagram Post

Sasha Monik’s Cryptic Instagram Post has Fans Speculating She’s Dating Someone New

When it comes to love, Sasha Monik has been unlucky in recent months. After getting engaged to Paulie Calafiore, and then having the entire thing filmed on Big Brother, she ended up breaking up with him in what was considered one of the most shocking breakups of all time. Since then, Sasha has remained single, but there’s now speculation that she may have found someone new. She posted a cryptic photo to Instagram on Thursday, and fans have no idea what it means but are going wild trying to figure it out.

Who Is Sasha Monik?

Sasha Monik Sparks is an American actress and model. Born in upstate New York, she was raised in Northern California. She attended the University of Southern California for two years before transferring to Boston College and graduating with a degree in marketing communications. Sasha moved to Los Angeles after graduation and began her acting career.

She is best known for her recurring role as Paige Dineen on the ABC family sitcom The Neighbors from 2012-2014 and for co-hosting the show Model Squad on E! alongside Chrissy Teigen, Joan Smalls, and Elsa Hosk.

She was named one of Hollywood’s next rising stars in 2013 by Interview Magazine and also appeared on CTV’s The Morning Show to discuss her favorite apps.

She recently became a brand ambassador for Maybelline and a spokesmodel for Michael Kors fragrance. In 2017, Sasha married pop star, Cody Simpson. Their wedding was held at their home in California and attended by only 70 people including the groom’s family, close friends, music industry peers, and a few celebrities.

The post gained over 20 thousand likes on Instagram within three days of being posted which prompted speculation that Sasha might be dating someone new since her husband Cody Simpson is not featured in any of her social media posts as of late.

Who Are The Men in Her Life?

Although Sasha is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to her love life, she did recently post a cryptic message on her Instagram that has fans speculating she may be dating someone new. The post was simply a photo of her holding hands with a man that she identified only as T.

The singer had previously been linked to NBA player Trey Burke, but the two split in 2014 after nearly three years of dating. In October 2015, Sasha revealed that she was single and looking for love.

Relationship Status?

It seems like Sasha Monik has been spending a lot of time with someone lately and they even went on a recent vacation together. But not much is known about who this person might be. Sasha’s cryptic posts have fans speculating that she could potentially be dating someone new, but it could just as easily be one of her friends or family members. It would be great to see her find love again so I hope she shares more photos soon.

Last year Sasha was very public about her split from her ex-husband, Thomas Johnson. I hope she manages to find some happiness again because it’s never easy going through a breakup. The silver lining is that now Sasha can focus more on her career which hasn’t had much attention lately due to her relationship status. It will be great for fans to see more of Sasha as she’s one of my favorite actresses and always does an amazing job at everything she does.

Has Sasha Monik Been Tagged In Any Other Photos with Male Models?

The model, DJ, and entrepreneur is no stranger to the spotlight. Sasha Monik has made a name for herself in the modeling world and recently launched her brand of organic hair care products. But last night, Sasha shared a rather cryptic message with her followers on her account: Sometimes you meet someone and it changes your life. The post was paired with an image that showed just Sasha’s bare back.

If you were to zoom in on Sasha’s headless image, however, you might notice a hand resting on her shoulder. The hand is holding what appears to be an unopened champagne bottle – perhaps even two. The images that were previously uploaded above and below show Sasha posing with two different men in what seems to be a photo shoot for a magazine spread. One of these men appears to be Alex Silva, a male model who has appeared on Vogue Italia and walked for Dolce & Gabbana. He posted a photo of himself with Sasha Monik just three days ago with an emoji caption that simply read: ‘date night.’


Sasha Monik posted a photo to her public account of what appears to be a young girl on the beach. The caption for the photo is Beach Bae. The post also includes a heart emoji, which could be interpreted as meaning that Sasha is in love.

While Sasha may be simply referencing someone close to her who she met while at the beach, it is more likely that she is referring to someone special in her life.

I’m not sure how she feels about this person, one fan said in response to the post. But I hope it works out.

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