Shantanu Naidu | 5 things about Ratan Tatas’ best friend!

Shantanu Naidu | 5 things about Ratan Tatas’ best friend!

Shantanu Naidu | An overview

Shantanu Naidu is a well-liked and motivating millennial who is a social activist, an animal lover, an author, and a budding businessman. He is Ratan Tata’s general manager, but he is also referred to as Tata’s assistant by some.

Shantanu Naidu has been considered to as Ratan Tata’s millennial pal. There are numerous images of the two of them conversing and enjoying various occasions. By outlining a new philosophy of life, Shantanu has emerged as a sort of hero who has improved society.

Continue reading to learn a tonne of details about the young man who will become famous for his selfless deeds if you want to learn more about Shantanu Naidu.

Who is Shantanu Naidu?

Shantanu Naidu, who was born in 1993 into a Telugu household in Pune, has always stood out from other kids his age. The young man, who is now 28 years old, has established himself as a well-known figure in the corporate world. He has always had a sensitive side to him and has been somewhat of a youthful achiever. Even the nearby animals are taken care of by him.

His accomplishments are admirable and worthy of discussion. He was a founding member of a student group called Motopaws which helped street canines have fulfilling lives. He, therefore, got the idea to create denim collars when he observed that passing cars would run over street dogs, killing them.

Shantanu Naidu and Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata, the head of the Tata Group, read what Naidu had written about this tragedy and the safety measures implemented by his business.

Ratan Tata issued a mail inviting him to Mumbai because he is also well-known as an animal activist. The elderly woman and the young campaigner met and discovered they have similar goals. They began regularly meeting and consulting one another on a range of topics, including societal challenges.

Shantanu has now attained a significant position inside the business. According to reports, Shantanu Naidu advises the chairman of Tata Industries on how to invest in cutting-edge start-ups.

However, Shantanu’s accomplishments go beyond only these conversations with Ratan Tata. He has written and published the book “I came upon a lighthouse” with Harper Collins. He is also an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and author.

Shantanu Naidu education

Shantanu Naidu received a mechanical engineering degree from Savitribai Phule, Pune University, even though little is known about his early education. His desire for education didn’t stop there. In 2016, he also pursued an MBA at Cornell University.

Without a doubt, the young winner made a name for himself by garnering numerous accolades at this US university. Below is a list of his accomplishments while attending Cornell: Winner of the Johnson Leadership Case Competition and the Hemmeter Entrepreneurship Award

Johnson Social Media Ambassador, President of Johnson Pets Association, Founder and President of The Cornell Motorcycle Association, Author for The Cornell Business Journal, and Member of Consulting, Tech, and SGE Clubs.

Shantanu Naidu’s salary and net worth

All young people are inspired by Shantanu Naidu’s professional trajectory to work harder and achieve greater levels of achievement. When it comes to his career, he has always tended to overachieve. His job description consists primarily of social work. He was hired by the Tata Group, as we’ve already mentioned, but that’s not all.

Internationally, Shantanu Naidu inspires children about entrepreneurship through his Instagram account, On Your Sparks. He began using this handle when the Covid-19 lockdown commenced conveying the life lessons he had learned. He has turned these life lessons into business knowledge.

Additionally, he offers live online lectures every Sunday on his Instagram account for a price of Rs 500 per participant. These monies support the Motopaws NGO, which works to improve the lives of stray dogs. Motopaws, his organization, is now present in 20 cities and 4 nations.

His income is not publicized, thus the figure may not be correct, according to numerous media sources. He might additionally be receiving other payments from the Tata Group in addition to his normal wage. He also has a net worth of Rs 5–6 crores as a result of his business and internet speeches.

Goodfellow’s app

An emerging startup that Shantanu started is called Goodfellow’s. This app serves as a forum for connecting senior citizens with young minds. This program seeks to provide aid to elderly people who find it difficult to carry out daily tasks including visiting the doctor, buying groceries, and taking medications. This is also a great chance for young children to learn from adults with experience in all areas of life.


On the internet, not much is known about Shantanu’s family. According to some accounts, in addition to his parents, he also has a sister. Additionally, he is single, and little is known about his friends. Ratan Tata and Shantanu Naidu are close friends. Other than that, there is no information available on the individuals he is close to.

Shantanu Naidu books

Shantanu Naidu is a Harper Collins author, as we’ve already mentioned. I Came Upon a Lighthouse, which he wrote and published, He has written extensively in this book on his friendship with Ratan Tata, who is 80 years old.

When he and Tata agree on something, he goes into great detail about what they do. It portrays Ratan Tata differently than the successful businessman that the rest of the world perceives him to be. From Shantanu’s point of view, it is a beautiful character portrayal of Tata.

Key takeaways

Ratan Tata’s friend Shantanu Naidu is more than just a friend; he is an institution in and of himself. One of the living examples of how compassion can go a  long way is Shantanu.

By focusing his schooling on such principles, he is also accountable for demonstrating that a corporate mogul may have a softer and more compassionate side. Money and accomplishments are not the only factors that determine success. It all comes down to what you contribute to society. He shows his goodwill through Motopaws and GoodFellows.

Being kind to everything that is living and breathing around you is the key to success. This is what Shantanu embodies in real life. We sincerely hope you liked reading our blog! Contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions!



Q1. What is Shantanu Naidu doing now?

Answer- Currently, Shantanu Naidu has been the general manager at Ratan Tata’s office since July 2018.

Q2. Why is Shantanu Naidu a good role model for youngsters?

Answer- Shantanu has done a lot of good work in the past and has continued to do so. He is a role model for people who wish to do something for society, irrespective of how big or small the service is. His empathy is inspiring and teaches people to have a kinder outlook on life.

Q2.What are some of Shantanu Naidu’s shining traits?

The answer is that Shantanu Naidu is renowned for having an inventive and sympathetic outlook on life. He has fought hard to save dogs. Along with that, he also watches for lonely or abandoned old people and created an app for them where young volunteers under the age of 30 take care of such people. This demonstrates his respect for all varieties of living.

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