Get Ready to Share Your Mood Boards With the New Pinterest App

Get Ready to Share Your Mood Boards With the New Pinterest App

Pinterest has built its brand around users’ ability to share the things they love with their online communities. The popular website, which now has more than 70 million monthly visitors, helps create, discover and save ideas, recipes, and inspirations from around the web. Now Pinterest is taking it a step further by creating an app that will help users create and share mood boards on their mobile devices.

What’s a mood board? A mood board is simply an organized collection of images pulled from various locations online (Pinterest or otherwise) that reflects your style or preferences.

Introducing The Pin Studio

Pinterest’s new Pin Studio is here to make mood boards more social. It lets you create boards using photos and overlays that other users can re-pin, so you’ll be able to see how people are interpreting your ideas as well.

The app also encourages collaboration and creativity in many different forms – think board games, toys, recipes, clothing – anything at all! If you don’t have a mood board in mind or need some help with what goes where on the page for one, Pinterest has plenty of those too.

Check out their Ideas Page for everything from nightlife and fitness inspiration to fashion and living rooms! And if that’s not enough, there are over two million mood boards just waiting for you on this new platform.

Searching For Images

This process is called image searching and can lead you to find some new and interesting images that you might not have found otherwise. Once you’re on Google’s search page, type in what you’re looking for.

Google will suggest things based on your previous searches as well as popular trends from around the world, if your suggestion doesn’t work, try an alternate spelling of a word or add synonyms to broaden your search. If those don’t work out either,

Google will list pages that could have what you’re looking for on them. From there, all it takes is a click of a button or two, and voila! The answer is right at your fingertips!

Staying Organized

Creativity can come at you like a tidal wave. And when it does, it’s good to be prepared with an idea of what you’re going to do next. To make sure your thoughts are saved and you can always find them,

creating a mood board is helpful. Using just different photographs, some fonts and icons you download from the internet, and some paint swatches – all free or inexpensive items – mood boards can give your creative mind focus when feeling stuck.

It’s also a great project for parents or kids who want to share with friends or family ideas for their rooms, gardens, painting projects, or whatever it is they want help with.

Editing Your Board

  1. Click the plus button in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. . Choose ‘mood board’ from the list of categories and name it.
  3. . From here, you can add whatever mood board elements you want: pictures, text, color palettes, collections, inspirations, etc.
  4. . You can re-order any category or remove them by clicking on the corresponding pencil icon next to it.
  5. . To share your mood board with friends and family on a private basis, click on ‘share privately’.
  6. . To make your mood board public so other people in your feed can see it, click on ‘share publicly’.
  7. . Now you’re done!

Sharing With Friends

To start, make sure you create an account using your email  Mood Boards, or Facebook credentials. The main interface for the app is a Feed that shows you what pins others have been making. Select any of these pins to get more information and also see who else has saved it as one of their favorites.

Click on ‘Add to mood board’ on any pin you like from this screen and it will be saved into your list of boards that are currently open in your app. To keep them organized, click on Share  Mood Boards at the top left and choose which board you want this pin added to.

Getting All The Details Right

Pinterest announced a new app and in typical fashion, there’s plenty of confusion about Mood Boards and what this will mean for users. And with questions swirling around how sharing mood boards will work, it’s understandable why some people are hesitant.

But whether you love it or hate it, you’re still going to want to know more about Mood Boards the app. Here are seven things that every Pinner should know about their new partner in crime!

## 1) You can’t use the app without signing up for Pinterest first. Yup! No matter what your current relationship status is with their servers, you’re gonna have to get together soon or late because they’ll be controlling everything from here on out.

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