Tallest Hotel in Lahore near Airport book now for your stay

Tallest Hotel in Lahore near Airport book now for your stay

the best Tallest Hotel in Lahore Due to the amenities and other services they offer to their valued visitors, for which all hotel divisions work professionally, Indigo Hotel is usually a fantastic choice when arranging a vacation in one of the best hotels in Lahore. Excellent amenities and location, very attentive and professional employees in all departments, and management that is always on-site. The top Tallest Hotel in Lahore closest to the airport is Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore. Customers are especially moved by the high standard’s consistency. They are already making plans for their next visit since they can experience the spirit, strong ambition, and attentiveness to the guest in a different way with each stay. 180 rooms are accessible. The big windows provide the best possible vantage point from which to take in the breathtaking city panorama.

Despite being in the middle of everything, the Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore has a tranquil, laid-back vibe. The enduring style and warm environment are the causes of this. You can enjoy our hotel’s various features, such as the spa, pool, and wellness club, while also choosing from a variety of dining alternatives. Select one and head there. According to a Wikipedia account, Indigo Heights is also the tallest building in Lahore.

Distance from the Indigo Hotel to Well-Known Locations

You can easily access the city’s most significant attractions thanks to the position of the famed Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore, which is in the center of contemporary Lahore and close to the airport. a location where you can go shopping, take a stroll in the park, or eat some street cuisine. The following well-known spots are close by:

  • About a 14-minute trip to Karma Chowk
  • Hafeez Center is a 7-minute drive away.
  • 21 minutes by car to get to Packages Mall
  • 12 minutes by car to get to Fortress Stadium
  • The Allama Iqbal International Airport is a 26-minute drive away.
  • The Indigo Hotel will always be at the top of searches for Tallest Hotel in Lahore near the Lahore airport.
  • Indigo Hotel – Best Tallest Hotel in Lahore in Gulberg Lahore is its name.
  • Address: 3 C3 Noor Jehan Rd, Block C3, Block C3 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54660
  • (042) 111 463 446 and 0316 4778886 are the phone numbers.
  • Follow this link for directions: g.page/r/CRNCYew9nad6EBA
  • 5079151,74.3470165

Indigo Hotel Offers a Variety of Facilities to its Visitors

In Lahore, near the airport, the Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore offers its guests amenities including a free breakfast as part of its excellent customer service. The spa, the pool, and the gym are all available to guests. Make yourself unique and anticipate a memorable experience in opulent and exclusive surroundings, a premium hotel location, and exceptional personalized service so that you can utilize all services. Get familiar with all of the opulent amenities.

Rooms of Various Types

Our Lahore airport hotel’s rooms and suites stand out for their architectural design and understated grandeur. For your overnight stay, Indigo has furnished and arranged each room with the finest care and attention to detail, whether you select a single or a double room. Here, you’ll find both relaxation and fresh ideas. The Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore is a brand-new, four-star luxury hotel close to Lahore airport that you might consider staying at whenever you arrive in the city and are waiting at the airport.

As a result, each of our Tallest Hotel in Lahore rooms offers more than just a place to rest your head when traveling for pleasure or business. From the basic room to the executive suite, each room has a distinct personality and aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of rooms to make the most of your visit.

Standard Room

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Due to its outstanding value and upgrading, the standard room is a top choice for travelers looking to book a Tallest Tallest Hotel in Lahore in Lahore. The Indigo room comes with a lot more than the conventional amenities of a comfortable bed, a fantastic bathroom, and cool technology. Relax in your room’s space by watching a movie or a show.

Deluxe Room

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The deluxe suite at The Indigo Hotel is a reasonably priced lodging option that boasts a roomy layout and a classy ambiance. They are among the largest and coziest room varieties at the Pakistani hotels close to the Lahore airport. The bright, roomy accommodations are a particular pleasure for the visitors. Its premium setting and extra features, such as a minibar, and refrigerator, will please you.

Business Suite

The business rooms at the finest Tallest Hotel in Lahore near the airport are the perfect place to stay while traveling for work or pleasure. The desk in this room enables you to enjoyably plan and arrange your city vacation in addition to working comfortably. Sleeping and working are accommodated in this greatest hotel room in an ideal and seamless manner. The general design of luxury rooms is dominated by warm colors and top-notch amenities.

Indigo has a Variety of Restaurants to Choose from

At the Indigo Hotel, you can anticipate fine, contemporary, regional food in a cozy atmosphere. We don’t have an overstuffed menu since we like to delight our guests with wonderful seasonal cuisine. Because Indigo has a wide selection of restaurants in Lahore, you can eat whatever cuisine you like whenever you want. This is one of the greatest hotels near Lahore airport if you live nearby and want to do something different. Pakistan

Lamesa Restaurant

The first is Lamesa, a popular indoor dining option inside the Indigo Hotel. Visitors want to be treated with style in addition to eating, thus Indigo makes sure they get what they desire. Lamesa has an à la carte menu in addition to a dinner buffet and the greatest hi-tea in Lahore with a wide selection of dishes so that you may experience sophisticated fine dining in a stunning setting.

Aoki Restaurant

The second restaurant is Aoki, a Japanese eatery that specializes in mouthwatering pan-Asian cuisine. Your taste senses will soar with their mouthwatering sushi rolls, hot dishes, and premium bar cocktails. They feature several areas in their restaurant, including a bar for cocktails, sushi, teriyaki, and teppanyaki. Their sushi idea uses delicious ingredients that have been meticulously chosen. Their sushi rolls come with a selection of mouthwatering sauces. Due to the chefs, sushi chefs, and bar staff’s years of experience, they offer the best food and service.

The Skye Restaurant

The Skye Restaurant, the third restaurant, is located on one of Lahore’s highest rooftops and is a fantastic, well-designed facility with a great location. It’s terrific for taking in amazing 360-degree views of Lahore, especially at dusk. There are many delicious delicacies based on delicious cuisine as well as refreshing drinks and cocktails that you may enjoy in addition to the view from the top, of course. The Skye master chef and his staff won’t let you down with their delectable creations, which include delicious steaks and many more dishes for the main courses.

Indigo also has a Wellness Club

The Indigo Wellness Club was created to give its visitors a place to unwind during their vacations by receiving spa services. They also have the choice to work out in the gym, which also incorporates the experience of body and soul for a break with style and additional value.

You are encouraged to select from a variety of activities at the hotel’s wellness center while indulging yourself with a revitalizing care experience and taking in tranquil surroundings.


Tallest Hotel in Lahore near Airport book now for your stay featured 2 (1)

For individuals who are concerned about their wellness, health, or a natural lifestyle as well as for those who frequently visit Indigo gym to tone their muscles, their gym in Gulberg, which is also located on the fourth floor, offers high-end hospitality and the most up-to-date equipment. If you want to get your heart racing, check out their gym. They support leading a healthy lifestyle and think that working out can be fun and easy. While staying at one of our hotels, you may rejuvenate and maintain your fitness routine.

Swimming pool

Tallest Hotel in Lahore near Airport book now for your stay featured 2 (1)

Do you wish to book a room at a luxury hotel with a pool outside? Would you prefer to chill off after a sauna visit or end your holiday days with a few laps in the pool? Now that the Tallest Hotel in Lahore near the airport is within your grasp, you don’t need to travel far to enjoy the swimming pool.

You’ve arrived at the correct site, after all! After a fun-filled yet long day of vacation, there is nothing better than cooling off in the pool at the Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore. Find the finest pool-related deals and discounts. The Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore includes a pool where you may relax while taking in the cityscape. Everything you require to relax is right here. The pool is a fantastic location to relax and


For a few days, escape the pressures, frantic pace, and stresses of daily life by unwinding in the steam room or spa at Indigo. In carefully chosen wellness resorts, you can easily take advantage of a variety of pleasant short getaways.

All wellness amenities, including a spa, steam room, salt room, and sauna, are included in Indigo’s package. Unwind in our opulent spa room, a traditional and opulent thermal bath. Alternately, splurge on divinely soothing wellness treatments in a spa’s woods room. They have the ideal strategy for making you feel fantastic in our Lahore spa.

Meeting Rooms and Banquet Halls are Available at Indigo

Meeting Rooms

Indigo has expertise in hosting conferences and meetings in fully functional meeting rooms. if you want to arrange for your meeting to take place in a formal environment. The ideal choice for any business meeting is their meeting space in Tallest Tallest Hotel in Lahore in Lahore: Your conference or meeting will be a great success thanks to the professionals and personnel. They carry out the best possible implementation of your ideas and requests, from expert planning through state-of-the-art technical tools to the ideal procedure on-site.

Wedding Halls

You’re just starting to plan your wedding, and you’re worried about where to have it. Where should it be? You can use the conventional wedding halls at the Indigo Tallest Tallest Hotel in Lahore in Lahore on your big day. This wedding location is unique and has a great setting. Holding your wedding reception at the Indigo Tallest Hotel in Lahore has several benefits. If you choose to hold your wedding at the Indigo hotel, you are also picking a wedding location that offers overnight accommodations for your wedding guests if necessary, a lovely ambiance, expert service, top-notch cuisine, and all of these things.

Why Choose Indigo Hotel?

In this blog, we discuss outstanding services that you should pick us for whether you want to reserve a room, enjoy the pool, get in shape in the gym, or enjoy excellent dining in one of Indigo’s restaurants. In our brand-new Tallest Hotel in Lahore close to the airport in Lahore, you can find everything you need in one location since Indigo Hotel is your one-stop shop for all your hospitality requirements. We are unique due to several factors:

  • Excellent Location
  • Simple, comfortable, and attractive rooms
  • Multi-cuisine establishments
  • Professional and competent personnel
  • A calm atmosphere
  • Completely furnished meeting spaces
  • Generous wedding venues
  • Modern fitness center
  • A swimming pool outside
  • Restaurants located inside and on rooftops
  • For more info¬†Visit Us

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