The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Right Now

The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Right Now

You might be asking yourself, why should I buy wireless earbuds? Or, what makes them so great? The following list of the best wireless earbuds will help you better understand this technology and ultimately decide if it’s right for you or not. Let’s get started!

1) Apple AirPods

In recent years, wireless earbuds have gone from a niche idea to a widespread technology with many advantages. Many people who want the option of wireless

headphones want earbuds because they are easier to handle and can be connected wirelessly to your phone. There is a variety of different brands out there, but here are five of the best you can buy right now.

2) Bose SoundSport Free

According to many customer reviews, these wireless earbuds are the best around. They boast an impressive 12-hour battery life, so you’ll be able to use them for days before needing a charge.

They’re light and comfortable, but also don’t fall out of your ears as easily as others. They include Bose’s standard audio quality—which is one of, if not the best in wireless earbuds—so music sounds crisp and clear.

The microphone has noise cancellation, so you’ll sound clear to anyone on a call. And with a price point under $200, they’re competitively priced among similar models from other manufacturers.

3) Samsung Gear IconX

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds to buy right now, we recommend checking out the Samsung Gear IconX. These earbuds offer a pair of smart features and great sound quality, plus they come with the convenience of being able to wear them in your ears or around your neck like a necklace.

While these earbuds are perfect for runners, they work well for people of all fitness levels. If you want to skip a song or need to make a call, you can activate your phone’s assistant with just a tap and even make payments via Samsung Pay.

This smart feature is particularly handy if you find yourself short on cash while waiting in line at Starbucks—just pay with your phone.

But wait: there’s more! These wireless earbuds come with 4GB of internal storage so that you can listen to music without your phone nearby—you’ll have access to thousands of songs right at your fingertips! Another bonus?

4) Jabra Elite 65t

Bluetooth wireless earbuds have replaced the wired earbuds most people used to use with their smartphone, laptop, and more. Wireless technology has improved drastically over the past few years and now the best wireless earbuds can get you up to eight hours of usage time.

With so many Bluetooth wireless options on the market today it is hard to know which ones are worth buying. To help you decide on a pair of these modern day necessities we’re going to rank what we think are five of the best options you can buy right now.

1) Jabra Elite 65t – The Jabra Elite 65t come with an impressive 10 hours of talk or music listening time as well as charging case that will give you another 20 hours in between charges.

5) Bragi Dash Pro

Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy Right Now: Bragi Dash Pro

Our top pick for best wireless earbuds is a model you’ve probably never heard of.

That’s because they come from Bragi, a German company that burst onto the scene with their first product, a set of premium wireless headphones dubbed The Dash. Since then, they’ve released two iterations of The Dash and today we’re looking at The Dash Pro,

an upgraded version of their premium headphones featuring touch controls and biometric sensors. Some consider these to be among some of the best wireless earbuds on today and we think it deserves its spot on our list of top products. We detail why that is in our review below.

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