The Best iPad Deals of the Moment

The Best iPad Deals of the Moment

You may not be able to afford the new Best iPad Pro with its fancy edge-to-edge display and Face ID technology, but if you’re looking to get your hands on Apple’s tablet, we’ve got some good news: there are some great deals on older models available right now. From refurbished units to clearance models, read on to see which deals are worth checking out and which ones aren’t worth your money.

The Best iPad Pro Deal

If you want the absolute best iPad deal, this is for you. Right now, Apple is running a promotion on the iPad Pro 9.7-inch model. This promotional pricing means that the 256GB Best iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular will be selling for just $599 – a savings of $310 off of the regular price.

And if you don’t need a cellular connection, this is your chance to get a standard Best iPad Pro tablet at an even better price – the 128GB WiFi-only model will be selling for just $579 ($319 off). But these deals aren’t going to last long so if you are interested in snagging one of these devices, make sure to head over to Apple’s site and grab it before it sells out!

Latest Best Apple Pencil Deals

There are three Best iPad Deals we can recommend, the $290 iPad Mini 4, the 9.7-inch Best iPad Pro which starts at $230, and the discounted Apple Pencil 2s. All of these deals will be available for a limited time only.

The deals apply to Apple Pencil 2 devices, but you can use them on a wide range of Best iPad such as 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, starting at $230 for a 64GB Wi-Fi model, or $360 for a 128GB model with Wi-Fi + Cellular.

The regular price is $410 (Wi-Fi) and $630 (Wi-Fi + Cellular). The 128GB 10.5-inch Best iPad Pro is available for preorder and will start shipping next week. You can order it now for $520 with no discount if you’re planning to pick it up in a store when it comes out, which will be Friday, May 11th according to Apple’s website.

Best Smart Keyboard Deal

The best iPad Pro is the most expansive of Apple’s line of tablets. In addition to the usual bevy of apps and quality video, iPad Pro also has a Pencil for those who like to sketch or paint digitally, as well as a Smart Keyboard that turns it into something approximating a laptop.

The Apple iPad Air is another option for people looking for a less expensive tablet, one with the same high-quality screen resolution but without some of the more expansive features. The basic model starts at $399, with additional storage space and memory costing an extra $100 and $200 respectively.

Best low-cost 9.7-inch iPad deal

The cheapest iPad for those on a budget is the 32GB Apple iPad 2017 with WiFi. The 9.7-inch display with a 16:9 ratio has around 12 hours of battery life and iOS 11 makes the touch screen easier to use. With the ability to run third-party apps and great in-house apps, this iPad has everything a digital native needs.

The Best Buy offer is $249.99 for the same device plus free 2-day shipping but you are missing out on being able to choose from six different colors, so it’s not as good as some of the other deals out there. Walmart offers two models for less than this but I haven’t been able to verify if these are unlocked or not, so be careful about picking one up here!

Low-cost 10.5-inch iPad deal

The best low-cost iPad deal right now is the 2018 10.5-inch iPad, which is available on the Apple website for $299 ($150 off). This year’s tablet iteration of the iPad includes the A10 Fusion chip and the lightning fast 1GB RAM. It also features a widescreen HD display, something that you won’t find in other products at this price point. However, this offer will only last as long as stocks last, so be sure to purchase one before it sells out!

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