The Convenience of Apple Pay

The Convenience of Apple Pay

Everyone has heard Convenience of Apple Pay by now, but maybe you’re still wondering what it’s good for and whether you need to care about it. This article will walk you through the basic ins and outs of Apple Pay so that by the end you’ll be convinced as to why this revolutionary payment system can make life easier, more convenient, and more fun!

Tap your phone

You can use Apple Pay to make purchases in retail stores, and online at over two hundred websites and apps including Walgreens, Etsy, Uber, Nike, and others. It’s very easy to set up your card. Simply tap a card on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus face with your thumb on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, scan it from your Passbook app, or choose from one of the preloaded cards like Capital One Mastercard.

You will then be prompted for a payment password or to use Touch ID instead. With Convenience  Apple Pay, you’ll have a layer of security that is pretty tough for someone to try and steal your credit card information since their RFID chip is never exposed.

Scan your fingerprint

Once you set up your fingerprint, you must touch your thumb on the Home button and use Touch ID to complete a purchase at a merchant location that accepts Apple Pay. Your fingerprint confirms your identity for secure transactions and unlocks and starts up your iPhone.

If you lose it, the secure technology can be disabled with one call to Find my iPhone so it can’t be used by someone else. The convenience Convenience of Apple Pay is priceless and takes seconds-to-complete transactions while providing security.

With such minimal effort, you get such a high level of convenience. Once you use it to purchase something, your fingerprint will be instantly verified by Touch ID before any transaction takes place. It’s a simple way to pay without ever having to take out your wallet or purse—simply tell Siri what you’d like to buy and confirm with Touch ID.

This hands-free payment method is also easy for children and anyone who has trouble remembering passwords or PINs because there are no specific details required for purchase verification other than a fingerprint. You can even pay at vending machines since they generally require just one swipe with your finger on an item.

Enjoy your purchase!

Apple Pay can be a lifesaver for forgetful shoppers. Apple Pay lets you store your credit card information on your phone and makes it easy to pay quickly with Touch ID or Face ID. It’s also one of the most secure payment methods as your device never shares data with any merchant during an Apple Pay transaction.

You just have to hold the device near the contactless reader (you might need to look for it) and you’ll feel a vibration when the sale is complete. After that, you can go back to living life – even if your wallet was in the other room!

With so many advantages and security benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people prefer to use Apple Pay over other payment methods. It may take a while to get used to, but in just a few purchases you’ll likely feel like Apple Pay was made for you.

Some reports even show that people who use Apple Pay are more likely to shop online and make more purchases on average than those who don’t! If you’re interested in using it for yourself, first install your favorite shopping apps or store loyalty programs on your phone.

Then all you need is an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 8 or higher; iPad Air 2; iPad mini 3; iPad Pro; iPod touch 6th generation (or any device running iOS 10) and of course some compatible credit cards!

Extra Security Features

When you have a Convenience Apple Pay-enabled card, it’s super convenient to just tap your phone against a terminal and walk away. Plus, as soon as your fingerprint is verified on the payment screen, your Convenience card information will be securely sent through a reader that was built specifically for EMV chip cards. The sound of the terminal reading the card being verified feels like the best feeling in the world.

The one major advantage Convenience of Apple Pay is its security. When you use Apple Pay in public places, it automatically locks down so no sensitive information can be accessed. Plus, because you’re physically holding your device and not just leaving it out somewhere on a table when someone else could grab it, there’s no chance of misplacing your credit card information with Apple Pay.

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