The End of an Era: Meta's VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company

The End of an Era: Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company

It’s finally here; the end of an era is upon us as Horizon’s VP steps down from his duties at Meta after being with the company since its inception nearly 25 years ago. Read below to find out more about this executive, his time with Meta, and what might be next in his career!

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Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company

It was a sad day at Meta when we learned that our VP of Horizon is leaving the company. We all know David as a hard-working and extremely dedicated individual, who made big contributions to our vision of building software for engineering professionals.

His decision to leave is ultimately up to him, but   Meta’s VP feels that he’s been successful enough with projects at Meta that he may be looking for new challenges and there will be many companies lining up for his expertise. We’re sorry to see him go, but wishing him the best in whatever comes next!

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Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company.

With his departure comes the end of an era and the start of a new one. So, it is time to say goodbye to our former VP and watch him leave as he moves on in life to bigger and better things. We have enjoyed his wisdom, Meta’s VP  guidance, support, wit, and candor—all of which we will miss dearly.

But there is no way we would want him to stay if he didn’t want to be here. After all, you can’t make someone stay who doesn’t want to stay; you just have to be grateful for all that they’ve given us when   Meta’s VP was here! So, without further ado, let’s thank them for everything that they did during their tenure at Meta!

Explain why he/she wants to leave

John Nguyen, the VP of Horizon for Meta Corporation, is leaving the company after four years with no clear successor in sight. The team has been restructured a few times but the board still seems determined to keep a sales-focused role for its VP of Horizon.

Sales-focused positions are not typically equipped to handle a highly rapidly changing environment and Mr. Nguyen’s frustration is understandable given that he was hired based on his Meta’s VP  background in marketing.

Mr. Nguyen has expressed interest in starting his tech consultancy, dealing with retail sales models and marketing research that aligns more closely with his background and interests.

Discuss what the future holds

Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company

Meta, Inc. has announced that their VP of Horizon is leaving the company. Horizon VP Tom Wilson has played a pivotal role in the rollout of this technology-

based product, overseeing both acquisition and retention strategies for customers. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, David Chesny, will take over Wilson’s day-to-day responsibilities while their VP of Engineering, Steve Woerner, will serve as the interim VP of Sales and Marketing.

This announcement is just one chapter in what should be considered a historic time for the public technology industry with multiple exciting new advancements and changes to come.

Share ways in which you can all help them (and yourself) stay connected with each other moving forward

Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company To everyone who has interacted with Ben directly or in passing, we want to say a sincere thank you for your presence in our lives. You are all such a crucial part of our team.

Your connections and memories have helped shape the way we go about our work every day. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have met every one of you.

1) Celebrate Ben’s journey and applaud him on his accomplishments over these past few years- tweet at him and share your favorite memory or experience with him!

Wrap up by thanking him/her for everything he/she has done for you and saying goodbye.

Meta’s VP of Horizon is Leaving the Company. With the era coming to a close, here are some of the highlights of his time at the company.

Early in Meta’s history, Horizon helped usher in some of our key clients, including Data Centers and DoD work. Since then he has been instrumental in building out our aerospace business unit with key relationships including Boeing and is also an integral part of heading up our burgeoning AIST business unit.

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Adie worked with the team at Meta to get Horizon Labs in Dallas, TX off the ground and ready for launch. He left his day-to-day CEO position at a large regional healthcare company and tackled the challenges of growing a new company. Adie says, The first goal is to find out what makes them unique, what their story is.

For us, we said, ‘Hey we’re not here to replace it all we’re just here to make it easier for you. We do that by reducing costs and raising profits. Adie’s leadership was invaluable in meeting the needs of this customer base, leveraging analytics and data – through insights from patients’ medical records – to offer personalized advice on medical treatments.

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