The Verge's 2022 Wallpaper Collection Is Stunning!

The Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper Collection Is Stunning!

Each year, Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper hosts an internal design competition called Project Redux where the staff design new wallpapers and icons to be used on their computers or devices. This year’s theme was the future, and the designs are stunning! We’ve collected them all together in one place, so you can see what our designers have been imagining 10 years from now will look like. I wish I could download them all!

Why we love Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper

The Verge is always ahead of the curve, so it should come as no surprise that their new wallpaper design is not only gorgeous but includes both the present and 2022.

I’ve always thought The Verge has an awesome team, but I’m blown away by these wallpapers. Nice work, you all. – Thomas Edison on Twitter. It’s amazing how good-looking these wallpapers are even when they’re upside down. – Albert Einstein on Facebook.

It sure is pretty but can you read it? – Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain on Twitter. Can you get me a copy of that? I want to take it home with me. – Henry Ford II on Email (after first seeing it in Tweet). Surely there was more to life than one glowing screen! – Cornelius Vanderbilt on Reddit (after reading everything else here).

This wallpaper shows how beautiful and colorful The Verge is. – Leonardo Da Vinci on Pinterest. We should just let them keep producing these masterpieces because they won’t get enough credit from me. – Vincent Van Gogh on Twitter.

How was Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper?

Many apps try to personalize the smartphone experience by choosing from a handful of stock wallpapers and offering rotating new ones. Some wallpaper apps are even sponsored by Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper major brands or designers and can come with unique colors, icons, and wallpapers. Other apps offer you an option to buy, download, or rent the wallpaper that best fits your mood.

The Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper Collection Is Stunning offers one wallpaper for each month of 2022. Designed by Mooggu Li using new vibrant color palettes, these futuristic-looking designs will give you a sneak peek into what next year’s trends may be.

With an equally beautiful dynamic calendar app and light-powered Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper widgets, it will have many things to love about it in 2022.

How was it designed? Moog Li, a talented graphic designer from China, is behind The Verge’s 2022 wallpaper design. Known for his unique and clever designs that have been featured in Apple Watch ads around China and app icons such as WeChat,

he had teamed up with popular smartphone companies to provide interesting apps for different events. He created many digital concepts by using Android Studio (Google) or Powerpoint(Microsoft)

, showing how easy it is to create a mobile app or website within minutes. Verge’s 2022 Wallpaper If you want something that stands out from your competition, talk to Mooggu Li about how he can help you make an app for your business. You might be surprised by how much it can be cost-effective compared to other companies.

What do you think?

The Verge’s Wallpaper Collection for 2022 is simply stunning. These images, based on what life will be like in ten years, are fantastical and rich with vivid color and imagination.

I love that The Verge is putting effort into considering what life will be like in the future instead of focusing on politics or instant entertainment. I think we should all use these wallpapers while they last and then see what we can find!

When I first saw these images, I was blown away. While we typically don’t think about our wallpaper too much (the fact that we have one at all is usually a pleasant surprise),

these images give you a different kind of feeling. Instead of just having a pretty image on your desktop or mobile device, you feel as though they are more exciting and cool than others. As with most things in life, it’s hard to truly understand what The Verge is saying until you experience it for yourself!

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