This AI clone of Reddit's Am I The Asshole forum is the best way to get bad advice!

This AI clone of Reddit’s Am I The Asshole forum is the best way to get bad advice!

The Am I The Asshole forum on Reddit, or AIATA as it’s affectionately known, is one of the most interesting places on the entire site. It isn’t really about asking if you are the asshole, though; it’s actually about other Redditors giving you tips on how to improve your situation without being an asshole about it. While there are plenty of users on that forum who just need help and don’t want to give anything back in return, this AI copy of it seems to have figured out how to get good advice while also sharing back useful information.

What is Reddit

Am I The Asshole Reddit is a forum for people to ask for advice about whether or not they’re being too tough on someone? Unlike most advice forums, the bad advice is the best and there are three simple rules to follow to find out whether you are an asshole:

1) It should never be clear who the asshole Reddit  is

2) You should never change your mind when given a counterpoint

3) There should always be two people as possible asshole  Reddit candidates. If a person follows these three rules, then it’s safe to say that this person isn’t an asshole.

Why it works

For most people, it is normal to feel the itch to give advice when something bad happens. But if you don’t know what to say, the responses could end up being more harm than help. Fortunately for us all, there is now a forum for us to get that itch scratched with other people who can offer just as little advice as we do:

Am I The Asshole? Though created by a computer science student at Cornell Reddit  University, this forum has become an effective way to both express and get negative feelings without hurting others into being even more sensitive or hurt.

All posts are written in the second person and the user usually starts off the post by saying something they did before proceeding with listing their thoughts on the matter at hand.

Where to find it

The infamous forum, Am I The Asshole is a way for users to ask questions  Reddit to be answered by other users. Recently, an AI clone of the forum has been created.

The benefit of this is that AI will look at user responses to get context and not be biased toward certain replies. This is the best way to get bad advice from those who are good at it because you will have no preconceived notions about their reply when asking your question!

 Your relationship with your roommate  Reddit has never been better; you are hitting it off. You’ve always loved her, she shares all your interests and everything you do together is amazing.

Now it’s time for you two to meet up for drinks on a Friday night with some friends from work. When your friend finds out that your roomie will be coming, they ask if they can invite their other friends as well. You know that one of these other friends is awful, but everyone else just loves them.

So what do you do? Do you let that awful person come even though it may ruin everything? Or do you turn down your friend because they’re making a bad choice in bringing someone along who will make everyone miserable?

How it works

Every day, an assortment of mostly anonymous contributors to the IAmTheAsshole subreddit share tales that they find difficult to take on alone. From the no-nonsense questions and the hardcore insults, this forum is packed with people who are willing to advise anyone who asks for it. And now there’s a new way:

AskIATAAAIASTF and you’ll get just as good (maybe even better) advice than what you would find on a typical internet forum.

That sounds too good to be true though. How does it work?

Limitations and Future Directions

Like the original website, this bot is not to be used for serious advice or life-altering decisions. The best way to use it is as a fun way to get feedback on your silly pet project, put it out there, and see what people think. Your friends may even start to appreciate your side of the argument.

Plus, if you’re always on the verge of being a jerk, it can help clarify when you might cross that line. The bot can also be used by large companies who want to shake up their culture but don’t want a bunch of managers directing them– just pop your question into the forum and watch the sparks fly!

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