Turntable. FM is back! And there are two of them!

Turntable. FM is back! And there are two of them!

If you’re an early adopter, you may remember Turntable, the social music service that died suddenly in 2011. But now it’s back! And there are two of them! What’s more, they’re both run by different people who hate each other and hate each other’s products, so one of them may go under at any time! So hurry up and start streaming your music now before this amazing opportunity disappears forever!

The story behind Turntable 2.0

After shuttering in 2014, Turntable is back and it’s finally streaming music again. It’s a miracle! Unlike its predecessor, there are now two versions of the old-time radio station:

the old version that everyone knows and the new version with a more modern design and more songs on rotation. The difference is noticeable — though it could use some improvements like being able to select individual songs from artists’ libraries instead of playing one artist’s album in full at a time — which is exactly why there are two of them to choose from.

How to sign up on the new site

Turntable. FM is back! And there are two of them!

Now that the new Turntable is back, it will require signing up from scratch. You can now sign up for two different versions of the site: old-school and new-school – or you can just choose to keep your profile on the old one for posterity.

Here’s how to sign up for each one: Old-School Turntable – You need to have a Facebook profile and be logged in to it before you can create an account on old-school Turntable.

If you don’t have a Facebook, you can try signing up via your e-mail address, but only if it doesn’t already exist on old-school Turntable. New-School Turntable

You just need to be 13 or older and have a working email address when you sign up for new-school Turntable—you don’t even need a Facebook or any social media profiles attached to your account at all if you’d prefer that they not get added automatically.

What’s changed, what hasn’t

Turntable. FM is back from the dead and they are better than ever! The first major change is a clean and modern design, which reflects how the company has matured since its original incarnation in 2006.

The classic design can still be selected for those who prefer it, but to make up for lost time there is now a second UI called Turntable Plus, where you can select genres from a long list of pop, rock, jazz, or classical music to stream whatever live DJs are playing that kind of music at any given moment (they all have plenty of offline music). On top of that Turntable Plus also lets you tap into specific niches with interests like club tracks or rap or hip hop. There’s no way to get bored now.

How to use it, step by step

Turntable FM is back And there are two of them; YouTube and AT&T versions. They both have different features but are relatively similar. In the end, it’s up to the personal preference of what you’re more comfortable with using and what you think looks better/more appealing on a certain device that may be limited in space.

The newest updates to Turntable FM seem like they might be getting ready for some competition shortly as well- whether that’s Spotify or another service not yet available is still uncertain at this time, but it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable fear- especially considering how successful their app was just a couple years ago before being discontinued back in July of 2016.

Bonus: Listening Parties

Turntable. FM was originally a social music platform that allowed users to listen and comment on albums they had never heard before while simultaneously interacting with other listeners in real-time, creating a party-like atmosphere where everyone engaged in the same listening experience together.

The turntable is now back, but this time it is a browser-based app so listeners can easily use it without downloading anything or adding additional software to their devices. So how does the new Turntable work?

The concept has not changed, but now instead of a standalone software for listening to new albums, Turntable uses YouTube and Spotify to host album streams. Instead of DJing from home, users will be able to log into their accounts and pick an album or song off any platform that they want to listen to with other listeners.

From here, you can choose different categories based on your interests including Folk, Metal, and Pop/Top 40 music genres as well as genre-based channels like Bossanova Chill or ’80s on 8. You can also create your playlists either publicly or privately so people can join in when they see it in the list of songs being played by others.

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