Twitch's latest category: 'hot tubs'

Twitch’s latest category: ‘hot tubs’

In the wake of receiving backlash from a  hot tubs number of its large advertisers, streaming platform Twitch has announced that it will be launching an entirely new category dedicated to hot tubs as part of its new content update package in 2020. The category will feature streams about all types of hot tubs, including traditional jet tubs, inflatable hot tubs, portable hot tubs, and more. The company has also stated that this new category was only added after two months of negotiations with several large companies that were concerned that they were associated with gamers and streamers who were viewed by many as ‘toxic’ individuals.

Hot Tubs Set To Be Added As A New Category

The Twitch team plans to release a new category for its gaming platform that caters specifically to people who want to watch others playing games in hot tubs, the company announced this week. After receiving pushback from some of its advertisers, Twitch is setting its newest category as a channel specifically focused on live streams where people play games while relaxing in hot tubs.

We will be adding a feature that allows streamers to create two different broadcasts–a ‘tub’ broadcast and a traditional broadcast, said one of the company’s executives.

Hot Tubs Category To Be Live By This Weekend

According to Twitch, the new category will include streams of various hot tub activities, including simply sitting in hot tubs and talking or streaming games while sitting in a hot tub. They also say they’ve been working with broadcasters over the last six months to implement this category. Twitch’s latest category: ‘hot tubs’ (four sentences)]

According to Twitch, we’ve been working with broadcasters over the last six months to implement a Hot Tubs Category. Some of these broadcasters told Polygon that they’ve been streaming in hot tubs for at least a few years.

Justin TV, who used to run his stream from hot tubs while playing games back in 2011, also shared an archived clip of his stream that shows him sitting in a hot tub while playing Age of Empires II HD. [T]hree or four years ago we were asked by different brands if we would be okay streaming from a bath, he said.

Industry reaction to the hot tub category

It’s not every day that you see streaming as a category of content, but Twitch’s new addition is making waves nonetheless. According to CNBC, the site has added ‘hot tubs’ as its latest category after a growing group of advertisers pushed for it.

The goal? To promote their products by sponsoring creators who produce live streams from hot tubs or other relaxing scenarios, with the hope that viewers are receptive to the ideas and end up purchasing those products themselves.

A senior product manager at Twitch, Bryan Vore, told CNBC that they’re not exactly sure what kind of content will be included in their hot tub stream category, but it will ultimately be up to viewers to decide.

Twitch is primarily a video platform where streamers can connect with other viewers and interact while playing video games or watching live shows like anime and sports.

The site attracts as many as 15 million daily active users and features more than 2 million different channels. That said, adding new categories is nothing new for them—they’ve previously added categories such as ASMR for those who want a more relaxing view of a screen. At any rate, you can expect some hot tub streaming soon… maybe? We’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds!

Public reaction to the hot tub category

The latest addition to Twitch’s library of categories might seem like a strange choice for the streaming site. Gamers who want to enjoy their hobby in the comfort of their homes, might be wondering: why not just take my laptop into the bath? The category seems an unnecessary segmentation, but advertising partners are probably more than happy with this new twist.

As Twitch grows, it needs to do what large companies often do: find other avenues to reach its desired target audience. Couple that with revenue constraints and you have a simple formula for hot tubs on Twitch. Perhaps people can finally fulfill their long-time desire to watch someone else playing video games while eating Cheetos and drinking out of a dirty glass.

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