Warner Bros. Discovery Is On Fire

Warner Bros. Discovery Is On Fire

The old saying goes, Don’t burn your bridges, and that may be true in some circumstances, but Warner Bros. Entertainment seems to be doing just that with their departure from HBO Max and their entrance into the upcoming Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service. So what’s the big deal? Well, HBO Max has been home to Warner Bros.

April 25 Press Release

Warner Bros. announces HBO Max and  . Discovery during their April 25, 2019 press release to express the company’s passion for all things popular culture.

This company is as serious about finding new ways to tell stories as it is about bringing them back in new ways. The release states that  . plans to serve its fans on every platform,

with such additions as a subscription-only streaming service for streaming live HBO content and a wide variety of ad-supported viewing choices via the Internet,

apps, virtual reality, video game systems, and more. With pre-existing alliances with channels like TNT and TBS, the company plans to be able to bring titles from across its library of over 90 years of award-winning shows.

July 2 Press Release

. Discovery, the entertainment arm of Warner Bros., and WarnerMedia’s direct-to-consumer service announced today that it has secured its first film distribution deal with China’s prestigious and well-respected independent studio Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. As part of the agreement, all nine original series from.

Discovery will be aired on K+ in China as well as theatrically distributed by Huayi Brothers Media Corporation in mainland China via a subsidiary, which will also distribute HBO Max to all Chinese screens (including VOD).

The new venture represents a historic first distribution agreement for an American OTT content provider to deliver Hollywood movies and television programming to audiences on screens throughout China.

What’s new?

Warner Bros. Discovery is a well-oiled machine of televisions, film and home video releases, new content production, and distribution. It has four divisions: Home Entertainment (Video), Digital Production and Distribution,

National TV Distribution, and Physical Production.  . covers a range of genres from animation to sci-fi to drama to horror/thriller with its various offerings for every age group at one time or another.

While  ., especially under the new ownership led by CEO Kevin Tsujihara, is on fire now, it hasn’t always been this way.

All the shows you love in one place

HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery are bringing all the top shows from both networks into one place. No other streaming service has the variety of content that WBAD provides,

so you will never have to waste time looking for something to watch. This new network gives the consumers what they want: prestige television, so now everyone has a TV subscription.

How about some exclusives?

Many of these programming decisions have been due to an increase in deals for exclusive content. This can be seen through their purchase of HBO Max, with Warner Bros. the only studio investing.

Recently, it released a teaser announcing the name of its upcoming streaming service: Discovery. With this, they’re confident that they’ll compete and even surpass the other major players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The latest partnership between HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery is that they will share certain programming exclusives; specifically scripted programming, television series/miniseries, comedy specials, and documentaries.

Who can benefit from this deal?

HBO Max is looking to challenge Netflix with exclusive content, and Warner Bros. Discovery has several classic properties that HBO Max can run with. The deal will make Warner Bros.

Discovery is a key part of HBO Max’s upcoming streaming service, which launches in 2020.

HBO Max could take advantage of this deal to reach the coveted 18-35 demographic it was previously missing out on or as an add-on for families who have multiple subscriptions to support all the content their kids are watching and playing. Plus, Warner Bros.

How does it impact me as a viewer?

If you’re a devoted Warner Bros. fan and don’t have HBO Max, you might be wondering what this means for your favorite shows. This question is one of the many that has yet to be answered.

However, if you have access to HBO Max and don’t already watch WB programming on HBO, it could mean that there will be more DC Comics original content, comedy specials with stand-up comedy stars like Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle,

and other unheard-of programming material available exclusively on HBO Max. And who knows? There might even be some news about the future of Warner Bros.’ television block–or so we hope!

Will I have to pay more?

A little good news for movie lovers out there, you might not have to pay more. Warner Bros. Discovery is on fire because HBO Max and Warner Bros. announced a new partnership today.

The two companies are now teaming up for four years to collaborate on an array of projects in the video-on-demand market as well as help establish new SVOD services in international markets.

This move will effectively eliminate some major competitors, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more that have been offering fewer titles over the past year.

Warner Bros., who helped pioneer the industry over 100 years ago with their Vitaphone sound system and first talkie The Jazz Singer hopes this partnership with HBO Max will continue their legacy in film storytelling.

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