We Asked Students: What's the Best Student Laptop?

We Asked Students: What’s the Best Student Laptop?

Finding the best student laptop can be a daunting and exhausting task, with the sheer number of brands, models, and prices to consider. Luckily, we asked college students on Reddit which laptops they recommend, and we’ve compiled their answers below! Read on to find out which laptops college students think are the best and why they love them so much.

Why Is it Important to Buy a Good Quality Laptop Now?

It’s important to buy a good quality Best Student Laptop now because they last longer, they take care of your device and they can be costly. To not have any issues with our devices, we recommend investing in the best available product that you can afford when it comes to laptops. They last so much longer and will reduce the chance of bugs and viruses on your system.

Best Student Laptop also get a lot of wear and tear like scratches, exposure to humidity or temperature changes, etc., so by getting a good one now, you avoid having constant repair needs as you go. We always suggest that parents give their children what makes them happy but when it comes to this essential tech toy, we say invest in getting one that will last!

If we were to recommend you the Best Student Laptop brand, it would be ASUS. ASUS is popular for their devices and offers great support for them as well! They have a large variety of Best Student Laptops that is great for students, with all different specs and price ranges. Some of their laptop brands are as follows: ZenBook, Vivobook, Transformer, ROG, Chromebook, and MeMoPad.

What Features Do They Want in Their Next Laptop?

The best student laptop will depend on your needs and priorities. We spoke with different students, including those that are majors in IT, Engineering, and Political Science.

These three want different things out of their next Best Student Laptop, but each of them values battery life and screen size when it comes to picking a new computer. One priority that many of these students shared was affordability. However, it is always important to consider all features before making a purchase.

If you’re not sure which Best Student Laptop to buy, consider checking out our guide to buying a student laptop. We also recommend looking for a good return policy. All three of these students mentioned that they got their previous laptops on Amazon and that customer service was one of their favorite aspects of shopping there.

Even if you don’t purchase from Amazon, it’s important to have an easy way to send your computer back in case you are unhappy with it. Many online retailers offer 90-day returns, so be sure to check when purchasing. We also suggest having an extended warranty plan in case something breaks unexpectedly or gets damaged over time.

Are There Any Other Tips Students Would Give to Their Peers?

Great Best Student Laptops come at different prices, and their performance will change according to what they cost. When deciding what you want to spend on a laptop, consider how important your purchase is. If you’re trying to decide between two laptops that are similar in price, go for the one that performs better!

The students interviewed advised people shopping for new laptops to make sure they do research beforehand so they know what they want and can get it without having buyer’s remorse later on down the line. Some of them say even if you think something doesn’t matter much, try to be as informed as possible about what each piece of tech does or is capable of doing. It’ll give you more bang for your buck – or dollar – in the long run.

Interviewees also shared that it’s helpful to get a computer with an operating system that isn’t overly complicated. Since it may be your first time getting a laptop, you want to make sure it has easy-to-navigate software.

Windows 10 and macOS are two of the most popular operating systems on laptops because they’re both easy to learn and use, but some students suggest trying Linux as well. It’s open-source software and is free to download if you have an older computer, so if you aren’t sure which operating system is best for your new Best Student Laptop, consider giving Linux a try!

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