Why paying more for a webcam is a waste of money

Why paying more for a webcam is a waste of money

With affordable 2K webcams available today, it’s hard to understand why anyone would pay more than $50 or $60 for one, particularly when so many people use their webcams to stream live videos on Facebook and other services. Even though paying extra money might make you feel like you’re getting something better, there are virtually no benefits to shelling out big bucks for an expensive webcam. Here’s why paying more for a webcam will only hurt your bottom line.

Logitech C920 vs. Logitech C922: Which one should you buy?

Paying more for a webcam is not a good investment, so don’t do it. Dell’s newest C922 offers 2K resolution for great video and audio quality. What is better about this one is that it also includes a built-in mic.

The downside to this camera is the lack of adjustable focus settings which the Logitech C920 offers and has been great for those who are using it for tutorials or webinars.

Paying more for a  like Logitech‘s C920 isn’t worth it when you have better options like Dell’s C922. This camera offers 2K resolution video and built-in mics which make it easy to record clear audio and video.

If you need adjustable focus, go with Logitech’s older model but don’t bother buying their newest one. The problem with that one is that even though it costs $50 less than Dell’s model, there are no improvements whatsoever in terms of performance and quality.

4 reasons to skip the high-end webcams

Higher-end webcams have features you won’t need and the higher price is not worth it. Webcams are generally inexpensive, so don’t waste your money on something that does not bring additional value to your video chat.

And for most people,   the resolution isn’t a big concern. You can use Skype or other video call apps on your computer to make and receive video calls without ever even leaving your house. Your life won’t change whether you have a two or a five-megapixel.

High-end can cost hundreds of dollars, while basic ones cost just $20. If you’re going to spend that much on an accessory, get something else with better returns.

Most people who invest in high-end wind up just using them for Skype and other video calling programs anyway. Why pay so much if you aren’t going to use it?

A high price does not guarantee good quality. Spending more than $20 will only give you features you probably won’t need or use, such as built-in microphones and some advanced settings that are best left untouched by those without any technical experience whatsoever. While these additional features may be nice, they certainly do not justify an increase in the price of hundreds of dollars or even close to $1000!

4 reasons NOT to buy a budget webcam

#1: Buying a webcam for the sake of getting a newer model will waste money because there’s no discernible difference in quality from one year to the next.

2#: Buying a   for more than $40 is a waste of money because that’s more than enough for what you need.

3#: Buying a  for more than $40 is a waste of money because you get fewer features and functions.

4#: Buying a   that costs more than $200 are waste of money when you don’t even know how or why it cost so much in the first place.

When you’re ready to buy a new webcam, look no further than Dell. Our newest model costs $40 and delivers 2K HD resolution with an 85-degree field of view, so you can get smooth video chat on both laptop screens and big-screen TVs. It also has two mics, making it easy to capture audio from across your room as well as sound from up close.

We’ve even built-in software that removes background noise and limits distortion so that your calls will sound better than ever. With our latest model, you can stop wasting money!

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