Why Some NBA Top Shot Collectors Are Crying Foul

Why Some NBA Top Shot Collectors Are Crying Foul

With the NBA Top Shot basketball card set hitting the shelves of sports card shops across the country last weekend, basketball fans were eager to get their hands on the new product and start collecting their favorite players. While plenty of collectors are thrilled with their cards and say that the set looks promising, others are saying that Topps has released a defective product, with some cases being so severe that they’re sending their cards back to Topps for replacements.

How much do autographs from NBA Top Shot cost?

In 2010, SportsPicks announced the launch of NBA Top Shot, which would bring their unique autograph experience to basketball fans. In 2012, there was a two-player NFL Top Shot game in Super Bowl XLVI and a one-player game in Super Bowl XLVII.

However, NBA Top Shot has fallen short of expectations for some collectors. Prices have been astronomical at times, with $90 on the low end and $250 on the high end. Packages range from $5 to $200 (with bonuses) for 3×3 boxes of cards.

Who makes up the Class of 2019?

Some NBA Top Shot Collectors Are Crying Foul: Rumors of fraud and promises unfulfilled have put a damper on what should be the best year yet for collectors. Here are the facts that we know so far, in plain English.

Which current players have been included in the set, and which retired players made it in as well?

It appears that some NBA Top Shot collectors are crying foul due to the inclusion of retired players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who have been in nearly every recent set with a basketball theme. These collectors believe that retired players should be left to rot in their past glory and not allowed to make money off current releases.

Have any rookies made it into this year’s set, and if so which ones have been included?

Some NBA Top Shot Collectors Are Crying Foul

There have been a handful of rookie additions to the game, with some being more surprising than others. The rookies included in this year’s set are Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jr., John Collins, and Markelle Fultz. While some of these players were not necessarily expected to make it into the set (i.e. Lonzo Ball),

other noteworthy rookies like Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons were hotly debated when looking at which one should be added to this year’s game. These two seem to make sense as they were part of last year’s rookie class and have had breakout seasons in 2017-2018 thus far.

What kinds of things can fans expect out of special parallels, inserts, and more in this release?

The NBA Top Shot set’s release date is just around the corner, and collectors are already excited to see what surprises this upcoming Panini release holds. With the latest version of NBA Top Shot seemingly all about bonus content, we’re guessing that many hobbyists are holding out hope for a special insert or parallels.

Despite the mystery, some die-hard collectors have complained about the lack of retired players on previous releases, as well as stiff pack prices. Thankfully for them (and newbies who want to start collecting!), there are plenty of ways to assemble a base set without emptying your wallet.

Will there be many SP Authentic versions this year, or will most cards be found in the main product instead?

This year’s NBA Top Shot set is packed with some of the most iconic players in basketball history. With only one exception, every card in the set is found within a single product – none are being sold as singles on the secondary market. That has led to some collectors crying foul over this setup.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this product before we wrap up our chat today, Chris?

People have also complained about not getting the bonuses for contests that are available, a lack of transparency about when prizes will be mailed, and the cost of buying coins to use in auctions. At this point, we don’t know what these issues are based on or if they’re being addressed by 2K Sports. Overall, it seems like there is some risk in investing too heavily into NBA Top Shot with so many unanswered questions – at least until we see how everything plays out over time.

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