Why the Steam Deck isn't ready for Prime Time

Why the Steam Deck isn’t ready for Prime Time

The Steam Deck has gained attention on Kickstarter, but it’s not ready for prime time. This is because the product has too many defects in its design and requires a lot of work to make it usable. The problems with this new product are going to be tough to overcome, but we can talk about what they are and how they might affect you if you want to support the Steam Deck and take one home with you when it becomes available later this year.

Background Information

The Steam Deck is a promising product, but it still has some serious flaws that need to be worked out before we’ll know if it’s ready for Prime Time. It would be unwise to purchase the Steam Deck today because of these issues

We need to see more tests of The Steam Deck with more hardware configurations before we can say for certain whether it’s working as advertised. We’ll know soon enough because other trusted reviewers are waiting in line to test it. They will tell us if it lives up to its promise and is worth spending money on, or if it’s all smoke and mirrors. We encourage you to wait until these reviews have been written before jumping into a purchase yourself; there may be some issues we don’t yet know about.

Technical Issues

As with all things related to tech, things that look too good to be true often are. Steam Deck has a myriad of problems and unless they’re fixed, it isn’t ready for Prime Time.

*User Interaction: The interaction between the user and their phone is subpar at best. Not only does it not detect gestures reliably, but even when I’m holding my phone, there’s this massive delay between clicking on something in Steam Deck and then seeing my game pop up as if I clicked elsewhere entirely.

*User Control: The user is given very little control over what happens. For example, there’s no way to know when a game starts, or even when it ends! This leads me to just leave my phone open and forget about it sometimes, with no way to stop it without turning my phone off. My advice? Just don’t even try to use it. I can’t think of any situation where I’d even give a second thought about using Steam Deck versus just having my computer on. In short: DON’T BUY IT. At least not until they fix these glaring issues because, in its current state, it’s an absolute waste of money.

Marketing Challenges

The Steam Deck is designed to be a better, more agile way of controlling your home theater system. You can use it for a variety of functions, including speaker volume and power, input device switching, and TV channel changing. It’s the kind of product I love to try out myself!

My first experience with this system was pretty confusing. There are so many buttons and functionalities available that it took some time before I figured out how everything worked – and we don’t have many opportunities these days to try these products out in advance before committing to them! Thankfully, there is an installation video on YouTube that explained each function step-by-step which helped enormously. That being said, even with the video demo, I didn’t feel like I knew what everything did.

The Future?

It’s easy to get excited about a new kitchen tool that has such a cool concept, but just because it’s shiny and new doesn’t mean it’s ready for Prime Time. The Steam Deck isn’t ready yet. One of the biggest complaints is that the heating time is simply too long. When the steam deck goes on sale, you have to boil your water for at least 5 minutes before you can start steaming anything and then after all of that time, it only lasts for 4 minutes before shutting off automatically. So much unnecessary prep work just to use this item.

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