YouTube Gets A Makeover

YouTube Gets A Makeover

YouTube, the world’s most popular video website, has undergone some major changes in recent months, which have included new mobile apps and a complete redesign of the desktop interface. Today, YouTube officially unveiled its biggest change yet: it has an official new logo and branding as part of what it calls the next phase of evolution in the way people watch and share videos online. More on that below, but first let’s have a look at the old logo compared to the new one (above).

What do you think?

I like the new look! There is something about the old logo that just felt… dated. The new logo is sleek and modern which helps it stand out, in a very crowded space. I feel like this will be a step in YouTube trying to court the older crowd, or to make itself more mainstream. Either way, it looks great and I’m excited about what’s next!

I’ve got a few problems with it. First, I feel like it looks more like a kid’s site than something that feels professional. It just doesn’t seem to fit well with older audiences or people who are used to more traditional forms of media. Second, I feel like they could have done something more unique instead of sticking with a basic wordmark and icon combo.

This might be me missing out on how important simplicity is in branding (I work for a start-up), but I think there was an opportunity to do something new here! All in all though, overall I love it! It feels fresh and modern and fits perfectly into their YouTube rebranding efforts over recent years.

How will this affect YouTubers?

YouTube is redesigning its site and app to streamline the video-watching process. This will mean that your videos will be right there when you go to watch them instead of being buried in a menu. They are also redesigning the logo and they are adding more options for customization, including icons, banners, and cards. All of these changes should give YouTube viewers a better experience while making it easier for YouTubers to promote their content.

One of the biggest changes is how you will access your videos. You will no longer be forced to watch your videos through a series of menus, instead, they will be right there when you go to watch them.

This is good news for YouTube viewers and bad news for YouTube creators who have seen their subscription numbers suffer as viewers have become tired of watching seemingly endless menus to get where they want to go. Along with making videos more easily accessible, they are also changing their logo.

Will people be more inclined to watch videos with this update?

Starting this Wednesday, YouTube will be getting a makeover. The new design seems to focus on video as the key point for users, providing them with better searching features and various ways of browsing through channels to find the best videos. There are also different player formats available now, so you can choose how you want to watch videos– these include 360 degrees and VR. A lot of the videos will be in higher definition.

This new design is an attempt by YouTube to change its image while staying true to its roots of showcasing videos. With such an enormous growth in video popularity across all social media platforms, it would be easy for any company to stray away from this growing demand.

Is it different enough to stand out from other video sites?

The new YouTube gets rid of the drab and dreary design that has plagued the site for years in favor of an uplifting one. Bright, playful colors were added to the video page and menu options to keep things fresh.

YouTube’s new logo consists of a play button against a yellow square. What makes it different, though, is its three-dimensional feel. The button looks like it has volume, or could pop out at you at any time and grab your attention. Compared to other video sites such as Hulu and Netflix, YouTube’s bright new look should be able to stand out from its competitors with ease.

The New Youtube Logo – Third Paragraph: In an industry dominated by flashiness and showiness, YouTube has chosen to go in another direction with its new look and logo.

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